Responsive Web Design VS App: Which Is The Right Option?

Responsive Web Design VS App Which Is The Right Option

A common dilemma businesses face is deciding between a mobile website or app. Nowadays, businesses know that mostly, people use smartphones for searching the internet. They want to adapt their services or products properly for mobile devices. But the question arises how.

Some people think their focus must be on the mobile website while others pay attention to the app. Choosing between them would be unfair. That is because both websites and apps are important for a business. To get maximum returns, you must use the app and website strategically. Also, you must have a complete understanding of how the customers use the website and app. 

Remember the fact both these aspects require specialised services. You would need the best web designer in New York for getting a responsive website and an experienced developer for the development of the app.

In this post, we have talked about when you should use an app and when a mobile website will be more appropriate. 


Without a doubt, apps are more expensive than websites. Mobile optimization will not be free of cost, but it is cheaper than developing a fully functional app. An important thing to keep in mind is that the more complicated the app is, the higher it will cost. 

Since developing an app will cost you a fortune, you must only go ahead with it if there is strategic planning behind it. 

Besides this, some businesses develop hybrid apps. Though such apps are less expensive, there are some usability issues like the app will not be available offline, or the speed might be affected. 

So, you have to diligently choose the right option. 

Reach And Growth 

When it comes to business growth and reach, a mobile website will be perfect. Websites are easily accessible to everyone, even if they are old. Also, the customers can share your content without hassles. They will not need to download the app to read or share it. 

Moreover, the mobile website is displayed on the search results page on Google. Unlike mobile websites, the app is not visible everywhere. 

In comparison, websites attract three times more traffic than apps. Thus, if your focus is on improving your reach, mobile websites are an ideal strategy. 


So, you are offering a service that requires the customers to click a lot. In such circumstances, developing an app will be a better choice. Navigation is a crucial factor in user experience and mobile usability. Sometimes, it is challenging to optimize your mobile website for all devices.

Not only this, but apps use less data volume in comparison to a mobile website. That is why apps work better than websites when the internet network is poor. You can develop an app if you offer the following services:

  • E-commerce portals
  • Jobs search engines
  • Apartment search engines
  • Local transport connections


As far as testing is concerned, apps require continuous updating and testing. That is because mobile operating systems and mobile devices are ever-evolving. You have to update your app accordingly to provide excellent performance. If you don?t update, nobody will use your app. So, it is safe to say that you must maintain your app after launching. It will be expensive and time-consuming. 

Though a mobile website also requires maintenance, it is comparatively less expensive and time-consuming. 


Apps are developed to serve a certain purpose. Mostly, apps are developed for facilitating an action or satisfying a need. If you have determined the right niche for an app, it will surely be better than a website. 

When it comes to a website, it is used for different purposes such as informing about a product or service and selling a product. 

A Final Word

All in all, mobile websites and apps are not competitors. In fact, they complement each other. We all know that every business must have a responsive website, but a dedicated app can also help to target more customers. Furthermore, it can provide their regular customers with a more streamlined way of getting in touch with them. However, above mentioned are some instances that will help you decide what to focus on. 

For growth and reach to a wider range of audiences, the website is the best option. For an exceptional experience, apps are perfect. By strategically both, you can reap their benefits. Both website and app require testing and updating. If you have a fixed budget, you can develop either an app or website depending on your business. In case you are not still confused, you can take help from a web developer company. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable to guide you properly. The decision needs to be taken after thorough deliberation and research as the performance of the SEO Company will also be impacted by the same.

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