How to become a JDM importer?

If you are interested in learning how to become a jdm importer, the main thing you’ll need to know about importing Japanese cars from Japan is that it will be challenging. However, this won’t deter some people, and as long as you have the right information and support, you can […]


The wheel was created during the Bronze age, around 3500 BC – a man’s biggest innovation. The word ‘wheel’ has been derived from the French word ‘tirer,’ which means ‘to pull.’ At first, a wheel was just a curved piece of wood. Leather was added to soften the ride. This […]

Are Wheel Spacers Safe Enough

Wheel spacers become more important because of people’s desire for an off-road journey. Look KSP Performance Wheel Spacers for more information. The proper installation of spacers is necessary to ensure they won’t fail on the freeway at 70mph. You should double-check the torque specs of all of the lug nuts […]

Negotiating With a Car Dealer

A Car Dealer is a business entity that gets its money from the customer’s pocket. The car dealer may charge more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, but they will often discount vehicles to their “dealer invoice” price to attract prospective buyers. In addition to a cut of the manufacturer’s […]