Are you Thinking about your Home Hygiene!

After a quick wipe, any surface can look clean. But is it clean? Every day we come across different dirt and microorganisms, but most don’t do any long term harm. However, some do, especially if you are missing cleaning chores while the dust and microbes are piling on different surfaces. […]

7 Vital Things to Do to Succeed as an MC

One of the common misconceptions about being a program presenter or master of ceremonies is that you just need to have that gift. The gift is a combination of a charming personality, the ability to engage people, and a knack for clear and witty communication. This combination of qualities is […]

Wedding gifts for every budget

So there’s a wedding in your town or the nearby locality or maybe in your house, it may be your own, your daughter’s ,sisters , anybody’s wedding with them brings lots of pressure and fun too. And one such amazing things to do at a wedding is to buy wedding […]

Reasons to Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Hola Readers! Hope you are all doing fine. Himalayan salt lamps are decorative items that you could buy to revamp the aesthetics of your home. They are not merely decorative pieces but have many alleged health benefits too. Have you been eyeing for something to spruce up the interior appeal […]

Yoga to reduce stress and tension

It is not a bummer that life has its own fair share of circumstances that can give you stress and anxiety. From meeting office deadlines, your own personal issues, family responsibility etc tension or stress can creep in your life from anywhere. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have time […]

Lifestyle At Very First Of The Palm Islands

Palm Jumeirah is one of three Palm Islands, the other two being ended en route during the financial emergencies 10 years prior, and it’s the one in particular that has been finished to date. The artificial island is the littlest of the parcel and being worked looking like a Palm […]