e-commerce industry

E-Commerce Market Driven by the Shifting Consumer Preferences toward Online Shopping

The global e-commerce market is driven by the increasing internet penetration and the shifting consumer preferences toward online shopping. The e-commerce industry is a rapidly growing sector that involves the buying and selling of goods and services online. It has revolutionized the way consumers shop, providing them with a convenient and efficient way to purchase products….

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The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the Trucking Industry

How is Artificial Intelligence Breaking the Barriers of the Trucking Sector? There are 8.7 million truckers globally, each employed in a sector worth $800 billion. In the United States alone, where trucking is the most lucrative profession across many areas, there are 3.5 million professional truckers and 7.8 million individuals working in trucking-related jobs. Trucking…

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The Future of Education and Technology

Pandemic has brought several changes in our lives that we never expected and thought impossible. However, the use of technology and digitalization in education is one of the transformations which were already in the works. Moreover, it was brought to the forefront by Covid-19. You have grown up side by side with technology. We all…

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Software Development Platforms Powered By AI: 5 Reasons To Believe

Business is being reshaped by artificial intelligence-but not at the blistering pace many assume. Artificial intelligence is already guiding decisions on everything from crop harvests to bank loans, and once far-fetched prospects such as automated customer service are on the horizon. AI is enabled by advancing technology, including development platforms, massive data storage, and vast…

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