Top beds for your feline friend

Briefing Beds form an integral part of any living creature’s comfort. Coming from the hectic day since morning, the first thing he finds at home is the bed. Nothing cozier than this after a day that is filled with non-stop action. Like humans, even animals suffer from that. The only […]

Top backpacks for your feline friend

Dogs are a wonderful gift of nature. They are the perfect bliss who are alone or are distressed with their life. The dogs to whom we also call the feline friend can be a perfect mind healer. They are the human’s best friend. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take […]

All You Need To Know About Puppy Teething

Puppies are nearly blind at the time of their birth, but have a good sense of taste. And that’s the only context they’re using to start learning about the environment. But when the moment arises for teething, the chewing will get pretty wild. Puppies start teething after they’re three weeks […]

What To Look For When Selecting an Animal Hospital

Whether you are choosing a new veterinarian for the first time or making a switch to a new veterinarian, it can be stressful finding a professional to help manage your pet’s care. A veterinarian will essentially be responsible for your furry family member’s overall health and well-being, so the decision […]

Top Benefits of Acupuncture For Dogs

The art of acupuncture has existed for centuries and is often used as an alternative medicine practice to treat various conditions, diseases, and injuries in humans. Recently, acupuncture has been used for dogs because of its similar effectiveness in animals. Acupuncture consists of inserting tiny needles into specific areas of […]

What To Expect With Pet Surgery

While surgical procedures are measured and practiced, they can be quite scary for both your pet and you as the owner. Surgery has a clouded and mysterious aura surrounding it, which can leave people uncertain and confused. Knowing what to expect during your pet’s surgery can help ease your tension […]

Antibiotic Alternative in Poultry

Today, antibiotics are not just made and consumed by humans. Fishery, agriculture as well as livestock farming also rely on them. Moreover, in many developed the farm animal industry uses antibiotics four times more than humans. It’s seen as a vital part of food security. However, the use of antibiotics […]

Cat Neutering and Spaying

Do you keep a cat at home? Would you like to upgrade his health and make him live longer? We are sure this blog can help you achieve that desire. Having a cat is one of the best things because he is like your friend and furry companion who doesn’t […]