German Shepherds

What Are The Basic Facts About German Shepherds

The German shepherd is a classic dog that ranks second among the most popular breeds in the United States. It is one of the smartest dogs, has a strong personality, and looks good. They are known for being smart, trustworthy, and hard workers. They frequently serve as Police dog, therapy, search-and-rescue, narcotics and explosives detection,…

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How to Adopt an Indian Street Dog

There are over 60,000 street dogs living in India, most of which are left behind by their owners due to various reasons. Most of these dogs are also considered to be low-value in terms of financial value. They’re difficult to sell and have no real market value left. In some parts of India, street dogs…

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Protect Disease in Your Indoor Cat

Does an Indoor cat need vaccination, or it?s an online myth? We keep pets because they give us love, emotional support and strong company. Those who live alone need company. The presence of Munchkin Cat and dogs makes them feel secure. Do you know? According to research, cats can improve your moods thus who feel…

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