How to Avoid SEO Disaster During a Website Redesign

    After a certain period of time you need to redesign your website. But restructuring your website requires a lot of preparation and attention. You should always keep up with new trends and user interface. There are a lot of chances of mistakes while redesigning it. Among these mistakes some can cost you so much that you can lose everything which you have achieved or established. Also if you are doing it in a right way then it can make the redesign process uncomplicated.

    The organic search is very important for you. If you do not receive too much traffic and your ranking goes down then your leads as well as sales will decrease. But you are lucky because there are many ways to avoid this risk and prevent SEO from any disaster while redesigning it. 

    1.Crawl your website-

    Before starting to redesign your website, you first crawl the website. This will provide you all the information about your website’s structure, metadata and URLs. All this information is needed to understand what you have to do while redesigning your website. There are some tools like Screaming Frog which can help you in getting all those reports. You can export them to a spreadsheet and after that evaluate those reports to decide what you have to do next. First make a sound plan and then start the redesigning process. By doing this you can avoid so many mistakes while maintaining the quality of SEO. 

    2.Conduct an audit-

    An important tool known as Google Analytics is helpful in determining the list of pages which have a ranking on Google. This will help you to understand which part of the website is performing good and which part needs adjustment. It will give you information about your website pages on which people have visited via google search and also how many of

    them have landed there. This data will help you in reviewing the strategies and implementing those ones which will work. 

    3.Analysis of inbound links-

    A URL from another website which points back to your website is called an inbound link. So, if you are not checking these links while redesigning your website then you can suffer a loss. A 301 redirect is there to take care of this but in spite of this you have to conduct the analysis. You have to make sure that all the inbound links are working

    and you have not lost any link. If you lose any link then it can ruin your SEO. You can do this analysis with the help of tools like Ahrefs and Moz Open Site Explorer which will help in keeping the inbound links safe and secure. 

    4.301 redirects-

    Maintaining the same URL structure is much important because it saves a lot of time. If you will do this in a wrong way then it can create problems for your website. So, you have to do this SEO step with great caution. Now start implementing 301 redirects for all the pages of your website by using new URLs so that any person who visits your site may land on the right page. If you fail to do this then it can result in loss of traffic from inbound links. If you do not know how to do this then you can study a tutorial known as SEO Starter Guide by Google. You can also take the help of some professionals digital marketing experts for website site without effect SEO. 

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