How do I layer my hair extensions?

One of the most important elements of blending hair extensions into hair is layering. Whilst we all want long luscious locks, sometimes your hair extensions are too long and blunt. Cutting layers into hair extensions can make them feel lighter and offer more movement. How Do I Cut My Hair […]

The effect of music on your work

It’s Sunday, May 24, Music Day. Most people listen to music in their personal time for a better mood or relaxation, but how does music affect your work? Background music is often heard in office spaces. Some colleagues like music all day while working and like music, while others find […]

Wedding gifts for every budget

So there’s a wedding in your town or the nearby locality or maybe in your house, it may be your own, your daughter’s ,sisters , anybody’s wedding with them brings lots of pressure and fun too. And one such amazing things to do at a wedding is to buy wedding […]

Rock This Monsoon With Fashionable Apparels

Bearing the scorching heat and the heatstroke, everyone eagerly waits for Monsoon. Everyone irrespective of age enjoys the rain and pleasant weather.  While people enjoy the refreshing monsoon showers but the water-logging is a common problem. Due to overflow many times, the clothes which we wear get soiled and drying […]