Can a salaried person get a business loan?

When fixed income falls short to meet all the rising demands and emergencies, a salaried individual may decide to show some entrepreneurship energy. However,  the applicant must be working at MNCs, public companies or any private reputed company. The monthly income of the salaried applicant should be greater than Rs.25,000. […]

Personal Loan in Chennai

Last week, a woman needed urgent cash as she just relocated to Chennai from her hometown. She was reluctant to ask for help from her friends and searched online for various financing options. She came across various online loan options, but the thought of a lengthy documentation process was a […]

Personal life insurance

Personal insurance protects an individual from any risks that threaten his health or life. The client can purchase the policy with a one-time payment or agree with the insurance company on a schedule of regular installments. The cost of insurance is determined by the risks covered and the SK’s rates. The amount of […]