How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Social Good

Techniques, natural language, language processing, and machine vision are examples of AI applications. In recent years, there has been a remarkable increase in interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence (AI) has been effectively applied to societal challenges, and it has the potential to deliver immense social good in the […]

How To Avoid Photo Copyright

In this digital world, photo copyright infringement has become a common phenomenon. The novice entrepreneurs, graphics designers, e-commerce business owners etc. are great users of online photos. And very often, they have to face some problems, because they are not aware of the copyright issues.  Right now, internet is a […]

What are the New Trends in IT Recruitment?

After suffering a severe blow due to COVID-19, industries are gearing up to broaden their hiring strategies and adopt latest trends to cope with the future demands and needs. Recruiting trends have changed over time and so did the tools and technologies involved in it. From hiring virtually and remotely […]