How to began your teeth straightening with Invisalign

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When the average cost of Invisalign treatment in London is concerned, the figure hovers within the range from £1800 to £5500. In order to make this cost easy for your pocket, it is spread over a period of 12 months with zero APR. These days any reliable dental practice that offers Invisalign usually offers financing solutions too to help patients spread the cost of their invisible braces across a longer time period.

Starting cost of Invisalign braces

The starting cost of Invisalign treatment starts from around £1800; this figure includes everything and there are no hidden extras involved. With finance options you can spread out the cost to a period of maximum 5 years explains a dentist in London who launches special offers on Invisalign from time to time. These finances undeniably make the treatment more affordable. The dental practices have partnered with various dental insurance companies to make the finance options possible. Invisalign treatment exists is various types or forms – like Invisalign i7, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Go and others. The most popular among these are obviously the treatments for the full lower and the upper arches.  

Monthly payment for Invisalign treatment

The monthly payment plans for Invisalign treatment are meant for a particular purpose and that is patients do not have to break the bank to get the treatment done. Thus a range of finance option is readily offered to patients that include flexible terms as well as payment methods that easily suit them. This is how and why Invisalign is steadily becoming more and more accessible to the larger section of the society. 

The way Invisalign works

Invisalign is by and large an orthodontic procedure to bring the teeth to correct alignment. In the following section of the post let us explore how the procedure works.

Invisalign makes use of a series of aligner trays made from clear transparent thermoplastic. Each of these aligner trays is custom fitted for your teeth with help of 3D computer graphics and impressions taken of the mouth of a patient. Even before the beginning of the treatment computer graphics and the iTero software reveal how your teeth will gradually shift their position and at the end of the treatment how your smile will appear.

Conventional metal braces make use of fixed wires to bring the teeth to correct alignment whereas Invisalign relies on a series of moulds. In a course of weeks and months these each of the moulds brings your teeth to the right alignment a little. You wear each set of these moulds for about two weeks and then you switch to the next set of the mould given by your treatment provider explains a dentist who launches some of the exciting Invisalign deals in London from time to time. The new set of mould starts working in straightening your teeth in a progressive manner from the point the last set of the moulds left. The average time required for this cutting-edge treatment to straighten the teeth usually lasts anywhere between 6 and 12 months depending on the level of complexity involved or the level of adjustment your teeth require.

Clear plastic aligners are different from conventional metal braces – how?

Both conventional braces and Invisalign are meant for bringing your teeth to better alignment so that maintaining sound oral hygiene is easier for you. Conventional braces have been there in existence across the ages although clear aligner trays have only come into existence in the recent times to meet the needs of the contemporary society. As a result both the types of dental appliances have certain similarities as well as differences.  

  • Visibility – conventional metal braces system includes elastic bands and metal wires which make the appliances easily visible from quite a distance; Invisalign aligner trays on the other hand is made up of clear, transparent, high grade thermoplastic material which is completely free from BPA and remain virtually invisible inside the mouth.
  • Convenience – the conventional metal braces are fixed to your teeth using wires and cannot be removed throughout the phase of your treatment. Invisalign aligners are easily removable and you are expected to take the appliances out of your mouth every day for a few hours explains a dentist who offers heavy discount on Invisalign in London after time to time.
  • Oral hygiene – patients who take up the traditional metal braces for their orthodontic treatment are always recommended to brush and floss the teeth several times a day. This helps them maintain optimum oral hygiene. Thanks to easily removable aligner trays Invisalign patients can brush and floss the teeth normally.
  • Required time for treatment – straightening the teeth with Invisalign usually proves to be quicker compared to that of traditional braces. The average treatment time required for Invisalign trays usually ranges from 6 to 18 months whereas for conventional braces it is two years flat.
  • Dietary restrictions – when you are on traditional metal braces you must stick to the dietary restrictions as mentioned by your dentist. So you avoid hard, crunchy as well as glutinous food items to prevent your wires and braces from any chance of damage. There is no dietary restriction for Invisalign patients; they just have to take the aligner trays out of the mouth before sipping on a drink of anything other than plain water or biting on a meal or a snack. Once the meal, snack on the drink is finished they must rinse the teeth well and wear the aligners back in place. However if you are on Invisalign it is better to stay away from colas or fizzy drinks.
  • Cost – on the whole the cost of both the treatments are more or less the same which is also an important cause for many people to shift to Invisalign from conventional braces.

More about Invisalign procedure

  • Initial consultation 

During this customary phase of interaction a dentist and a patient have a face to face interaction. The discussion mainly revolves around various topics related to working of the Invisalign including its cost for the particular patient.

  • Dental x rays and 3D mapping

Oral scans and dental x rays are taken once everything is smooth during the initial consultation. The mechanism of this oral mapping involves detailed mapping of the mouth of the patient, explain dentists working at the renowned Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic. based on this mapping custom fitted aligner trays are designed for the particular patient.