Secrets behind the Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a condition experienced by a significant number of people. It results from injury, old age or underlying conditions. At times people of old age are usually affected as a result of the previous occupational jobs.  Here you are going to be guided on the causes of back […]

Ayurveda and yoga are they really inseparable?

In recent years, the ayurvedic philosophy is more and more trendy: nutrition, sport, meditation … It never ceases to make followers. Yet if there is one area from which it is inseparable, it is yoga. Find out in this article why Ayurveda and yoga are inseparable and what is their deep connection. […]

Everything to know about the Red Habanero

Paullinia cupana has another name as guarana. Guarana will be supplemented for the stimulant attributes. Paullinia Cupana has the following attributes: Additional Anti-cancer effects: It may have additional anti-cancer effects, but much more research is demanded to confirm this effect. Paullinia Cupana has caffeine, tannins, procyanidins, tannins but it has […]

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