Why You Should Eat More Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite snack for most people. Chocolate helps to soothe sweet cravings, helps in socializing, and has even used to help romance. While chocolate is great, some chocolate has too many ingredients that are not good for your overall health. Fortunately, there is a chocolate that is good […]

What Foods Should be Avoided with Stomach Ulcers?

Most experts believe that dietary modification is not mandatory for avoiding complications in peptic ulcer disease. The use of proton pump inhibitors – analogs that decrease the production and secretion of HCl – has helped evade the drastic effects of the acid which is released after taking meals. Thus, patients […]

Food e-commerce: how to create the best one

Food e-commerce is poised for rapid growth in the next year. The food industry is one of the largest retail categories in several countries but it has not yet widely adopted online selling when compared to other sectors. One of the reasons is that food products have particular logistic and […]