Easy Vastu Tips To Accomplishment And Happiness

easy vastu tips

For Good Health

It is often said health is the most significant of wealth one can hope for in life. While following good principles of constructions to make sure wealth and happiness in families, Vastu Shastra also lays down definite guidelines for the individuals of home to make sure good health of the body and mind. Vastu Shastra really affects your life in several ways. Bad construction and placement of things in our home can magnetize negative energies in your home and life. Negative energies can affect your life in unpredictable ways and lead to sadness. Get some easy Vastu tips to accomplishment and happiness in your life by best astrologer in jaipur.  

If Your house is not a house is not built as per Vastu you can do some easy remedies of Vastu to get rid of all negative impacts of wrong construction. Then you will get all the accomplishment and happiness in your life.

In fact, long time illnesses of some family person could be due to some setbacks in the house which could be identify through expert help and cured for good. Implementing some simple Vastu tips in homes can help the health and happiness of the family members.

Vastu Tips For Good Health

To improve the overall health, it must be made an everyday practice to sleep with the head placed in the direction of the south. Those people with Vatha and Khapha body structure must sleep on the left side and those with Pittha structure should be sleeping on their right side. Ensure that the stairway of the house is never at the center of the home which will give way to numerous health problems. Therefore, locates it in a corner simply.

The Brahmasthan or the centre

The central part of the home is called Brahmasthana which needs to be kept empty. Never place huge furniture in the center (Brahmasthan) and leave this part empty. Overhead beam running correct through the center of the home can lead to unhappiness and troubled minds.

Never plan any concrete built in constructions in the place of Brahmasthan of the house. The Brahmasthan must be free of any pillars and other constructions, beams and other heavy things. As far as possible, keep this location empty. It is always an excellent idea to place a crystal grid or pyramid charged with Reiki in the Brahmasthan of the construction so that it can energize the home and members.

The fire element in house

The disproportion of the fire element in the home can cause illness of members in the family. Some of the ways in which this can occur includes the following. The house faces the south with inclined towards this direction, the generator room open towards the direction of northeast and the underground tank of water located in the direction of the southeast are some occurrence where the fire element is not reasonable.

Under such circumstances, make sure that the entrance establish along the south wall is kept shut as much time as probable, make the entrance with wood and place it high enough so that the road lying outside is invisibly or seen. To make sure good health, arrange to brightness a lamp in the direction of southeast in your house.

Position of the kitchen

Location of the kitchen in a house is an extremely significant choice. If the kitchen is not positioned in the fire zone significance the direction of southwest of the house, then the inhabitants of the home will be helpless to numerous health discomforts. Therefore, while construction of the house, it is the mainly necessary thing to plan the position of the kitchen in the direction of southeast of the architectural design. 

Other good Vastu Tips

Plan the border wall of the home at the similar height as the main entrance. Organize to plant some citrus plants on either side of the main entrance to make sure good health of the members. Heavy generator must be positioned in the direction of southeast or northwest and the tank of water must be positioned either in the north direction or northeast direction. Placing a picture or sculpture of Hanuman in the house is a cure to a numerous Vastu dose which can guarantee health and happiness. Get vastu for hindu temple construction

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