How to Eliminate Electric Hazard at Construction Site

Working on a job site around electricity can be safe if the worker knows the probable hazards and safety measures. But, due to lack of optimum training, less experience and failure to identify the probable electrical hazards can transform in major fatal results. The best way to reduce electrical hazards is to call an experienced electrician like electrician Northern Beaches to do a thorough inspection at the construction site.

According to the surveys, approximately 52% of electrical fatalities take place in a construction site. Often these incidents take place when the site worker comes in direct contact with the overhead power lines, any exposed wire, appliance or tool. Now, the question is how can to protect the construction site workers from these dangers. Here, we will discuss some major electrical hazards at the workplace and to protect the worker from these hazards.

Who Is At High Risk?

Many people are working at the site such as engineers, line workers, and electricians. These are at high risk of electrical hazards. They have to perform the various tasks at their job that includes high risks such as the installation of an electrical system, testing of some tools and equipment.  There are other people as well who are exposed to electrical hazards like office workers. They are indirectly exposed to electrical hazards. Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to protect the construction site workers from the fatal electric hazards:

It is imperative to identify your limits. According to OSHA, electrocution is one of the biggest reasons for major accidents at the construction site. It is possible to reduce the risk factor by increasing awareness among workers and doing a thorough electrical inspection before starting the construction work. For electrical inspection take the help of a good electrician in your area. Here, we will discuss most common electrical hazards in the workplace and little awareness will help to overcome the problems:

1. Overhead Power Lines

The overhead electrical wires carrying high voltages can result in major burns. Always keep in your mind that you have to maintain at least 10 feet distance from the overhead electrical wires. Also, do site surveys to make sure that nothing is placed behind the power lines. In addition to this, the safety barriers and warning signs should be installed properly so those nearby people do not come in contact with the electrical wires. You should search for a good electrician near me. 

2. Broken Tools and Equipment

If you come in contact with damaged tools and equipment, then you are at a high risk of electrical shock. Also, never try to fix the broken parts of electrical equipment if you are not qualified enough. Also, you should check for cut or cracks on electrical wires, cords or cables. If you observe any defect in the electric wires, then you should repair or replace it with a new one immediately. Also, you have to follow Lock out Tag out (LOTO) procedures while doing any electric repair task.  This procedure helps the workers who are on the construction site.

3. False Wiring and Overloaded Electric System

The bad quality electric wires can lead to overheating and electric fire hazards at the site. You should always use an appropriate wire that can efficiently handle the electric load without causing any damage. Also, use the right extension cord for the heavy electric load. In addition to this, you should never overload any electric outlet and install good quality circuit breakers. You should execute fire risk assessments on a regular basis so that you can easily figure out various electric risks at the construction site. Hire a reliable electrician like electrical contractors northern beachesto do a risk assessment at a construction site.

4. Exposed Electrical Parts

The exposed electrical parts pose a high risk of electrical hazards. For instance, open power distribution systems, exposed insulation parts, detached electrical cords, etc. can lead to major electric hazards, if someone exposes touch to any one of them by mistake. It can lead to major electrical shocks. If you identify any exposed electrical part, then you should immediately install the adequate guarding system or repair it as soon as possible.

5. Inadequate Grounding System

Usually, people ignore the grounding system because they do not consider it very important to run the electrical system. But, this is the major mistake; it can lead to fatal accidents. Moreover, it is a violation of OSHO rules for electrical safety. An inappropriate grounding system means the ground wire will not help to carry extra current and overload your circuit. It is recommended that you should never remove the third pin as it is responsible for carrying extra current and protect the electrical system from overloading.

6. Bad Electric Insulation

The bad insulation can lead to an electrical hazard. There, you should do regular checks for defective or inadequate insulation system. If you observe any defected insulation, then, first of all, turn off power sources and prevent the damaged electrical insulation with the new one. Always, call a good electrician like Northern Beaches electrician for this purpose.  Also, you should never try to cover it with electrical tape. Sometimes, it can be hazardous.

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