Tips for a quick and simple relocation in Dammam

Assorted maps are as helpful as tips for a quick relocation to Dammam

Every relocation requires timely and detailed preparation, and moving to Dammam in Saudi Arabia is not an exception. For most of the people moving to Dammam, relocation implies long-distance travel and shipping overseas. Hence, helpful tips for a quick and simple relocation are a lifesaver in this case. If you consider and apply simple and straightforward instructions and advice, your relocation will be as effortless as possible.

Moving to Dammam

Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is known as a mix of different ethnicities and nationalities. Approximately ten million foreign residents work in Saudi Arabia, and Dammam is one of the hubs. Aside from being the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and its largest city, it is also a significant administrative center for the Saudi oil industry. Thus, it doesn’t surprise that it is a fast-growing city steadily attracting foreign workers.

However, people who plan to relocate to Dammam should take into account a few extremely important things

  • climate shock
  • culture shock
  • import restrictions
  • health and safety

It is vital to comply with Saudi regulations and adapt to differences to ensure a successful move. Our tips for quick and simple relocation are there to assist you.

Adjusting to the climate

The hot desert climate in Dammam implies mild winters and extremely hot summers. Precipitation occurs in winter, sometimes followed by thunderstorms. The most unusual weather occurrence that can happen is a dust storm, common in the summer. Temperature shock will influence all those coming from the cooler parts of the world. Those with health concerns should discuss them with their doctor well before the relocation.

Moreover, if you’re moving with a dog, consider using the dog walking service app during preparations for your relocation in Dammam. Relocations are stressful by default and your pet will be safer and happier if a professional walker takes care of it during packing and truck-loading time. Note that only watch dogs, hunting dogs, seeing-eye dogs and hearing dogs are permitted to Saudi Arabia. You’d need to obtain a permit alongside a copy of the dog’s health certificate and your passport. Also, take your dog’s health and wellbeing into careful consideration before exposing it to the harsh desert climate.

Adapting to the culture shock

Probably the biggest difference between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world is the presence of religious rules in every aspect of everyday life. Islam plays a key role in regulating the society including the ex-pats. Being flexible is essential, as well as manifesting a high level of compliance with local rules. The most difficult things female ex-pats must cope with are gender segregation and limited liberties, as opposed to the rest of the world.

Non-Muslim residents, in general, are forewarned to restrain from any offensive behavior under local standards. However, compliance with those simple and straightforward standards will ensure life as carefree as possible in this conservative country. With that in mind, moving as a whole can be hassle-free. Luckily, you can rely on local moving and shipping companies such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia, for example, to handle every single aspect of your relocation on your behalf.

Note the import restrictions

Long-distance relocation overseas is challenging, even more so if you consider to do it yourself. Moving experts can help you move in no time and save you money and effort. Experienced professionals will give you the most useful tips for quick relocation and ask only for the bare minimum of your involvement. Some of those tips focus on import restrictions, directly linked to the country’s religious laws.

While the list of items not allowed into Saudi Arabia is extensive, following this general guideline will save you a lot of money and effort. The item should be safe to bring into Saudi Arabia if:

  1. you are not going to resell it i.e. it is for personal use
  2. it is not a narcotic, doesn’t contain alcohol or pork, it is not a firearm or a device that could be used for spying or doing harm.

To get a detailed list and information on contraband items, don’t hesitate to contact Saudi customs officers. Only they can and should answer all your import-related inquires in detail.

Address health and safety concerns

Moving abroad always brings up health concerns. Luckily, there are no health risks in moving to Dammam. However, it would be advisable to visit your doctor for a regular check-up before the trip and make sure you have received regular vaccines. While malaria is not present in larger cities, there have been occurrences of Dengue fever, so take precautions against mosquito bites. In regards to the risks coming from Muslim hardliners, as a non-Muslim, you should be safe if you avoid protests and other religious gatherings.

Finally, don’t forget to relax and treat your body and mind after the move. Consider joining yoga classes or visiting a local spa. Indulge in a vast variety of local and international cuisine in Dammam. Give yourself time to adjust to your new surroundings to get the maximum from your relocation to KSA.


Without any doubt, one of the most beneficial tips for a quick and simple relocation in Dammam is to entrust professional shipping and moving company with your belongings. They will handle the necessary documentation and customs procedure on your behalf. Professional movers can even pack or crate your belongings in the most efficient way, to ensure they arrive at your new home in pristine condition.

The only thing you should focus on is exploring Dammam and every aspect of life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in advance. If you’re still indecisive, with timely and thorough preparation you can make an educated decision. Adapting to the culture, climate, and rules you are not used to will be challenging at first, but not impossible. Those who find this Middle Eastern country charming are already on a good way to adapt to its (un)written rules and regulations. Hospitality is held in high regard here and you can expect a warm welcome.


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