SEO Strategy: 10 Detailed Steps to Rank #1 in Google

seo strategy

Search Engine Optimization is an amalgam of techniques and strategies used to increase the traffic to a website by raising a rank in the search results. A significant feature of SEO is making your website useful for both users and search engines.

SEO helps the search engines to understand what a particular page is all about and how it may be helpful for users. Plan the strategies and work on that with Houston SEO companyto rank high in the search results.

#1# Title tag with target keyword

The title of the article explains its content, and the use of a proper keyword affects your ranking. The closer the keyword is to the inception of the title tag, the more chances to rank up. 

Most pages that rank for competitive keywords use them at the beginning of the title tags. It’s not necessary, but it’s suggested to do to make your website more relevant to what people are looking for.

#2# Outbound Links

Outbound links are the primary source of drawing more attention to your website. It’s beneficial to include outbound links to other websites or web articles.

Outbound links show Google that your content is both informative and valid and fulfills the requirements for ranking. Make sure to add outbound links to each of your articles. Keep in mind that the links are relevant enough according to your content and from high-quality and authorized sources.

#3# Click-worthy Meta Description

Meta descriptions are one of the essential elements next to your URL and title tag. Attractive and informative meta descriptions drive more traffic on your website. It should stimulate the viewer’s interest within the 160-word limit. Focus on the meta description and notice the results.

#4# Image Optimization

Make sure that the image on your website has file names that include the target keyword. It improves optimization for your content for the search engine to the relevancy of your article.

Images are an essential part of the website as they make pages attractive and more informative. Image optimization naturally boosts your website ranking.

#5# Speed of the Website

A slow website isn’t good for the users and also for search engine optimization as it causes your site to rank lower in the search engine results. Optimize your website for a better speed by performing various tasks.

  • Understand HTTP requests is one of the ways to boost site speed as too many requests slow down a page. 
  • For the larger image, use various tools for image optimization that increase the loading speed. 
  • Try to minimize the use of plugins for both security and speed. 
  • Page caching where web pages store the data that allows visitors to access that page rapidly as the database doesn’t have to retrieve each file again and again.

#6# Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendly websites should display on portable devices like tablets, smartphones, and other devices. It makes it easy to access on the smartphone by reducing extra efforts.

Develop a responsive website that dynamically resizes to fit the width and height of the device that it’s being displayed on. The responsive website attracts more viewers that means more traffic on your website.

#7# High-quality backlinks

Link building is the most challenging SEO technique. Without high-quality backlinks, your website won’t rank for high traffic keywords.

The website with the relevant and valuable backlinks will rank on the search results. 

#8# Guestographics

A link building technique that uses infographics. Instead of posting an infographic and asking other people to share that, push them to release it on their website in exchange for unique content. 

#9# Social Media Activities

You can improve your website’s awareness and drive more traffic by being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. The more you use links to your blogs on social media, the higher the chance people will visit your website that ultimately increases traffic and sales.

#10# Stay updated with Google’s Guidelines

Google is frequently refining its algorithms to give searchers the most accurate and relevant information.

Always listen to Google and keep your website in line with best practice, and regularly cross-check for traffic variation with algorithm updates. 

To conclude, web pages may very well to businesses, but it’s keywords and, more importantly, the ranking that makes you significant. For your brand awareness, it’s vital that your website is relevant to the user’s search criteria. Contact Houston SEO company to rank high in the search results that ultimately boost your business.

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