No One Can Know About These Amazing Facts of Kedarnath Temple

kedarnath temple

The Chardham of India is a very nice spot that you can visit with your family. The Chardham is categorized into two parts. One is Chardham tourist circuit and the other one is Chota Chardham tourist circuit. Kedarnath is a small town in Uttarakhand and it is highly popular because of the Kedarnath temple. It is a part of Chota chardham yatra tour package from delhi. It is located in the region of the Himalayas and many tourists from all over the world and India visit here. It is a pilgrimage site and therefore many rituals are also performed that you would love to watch them even if you don’t perform.

Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath temple is located at the height of 3,583 meters. It is near a Glacier called as chorabari. This Glacier is the head of the river called as Mandakini. It is considered as a very holy place. You will also find various mountain peaks and most of them are covered by white snow and these Mountains are called as Kedarnath Mountains. The head of the road that is the nearest to the temple is Gauri Kund.

The meaning of the word Kedarnath is the Lord of the field. There is reason behind calling the best temple as the Lord of the field because according to a Holi text called as Kashi Kedar Mahatmya, it is also called as the crop of liberation. This is a pilgrimage site since the ancient times and prominent tourist spot also.

The Origin of Ganga

This is the place which is believed to be the origin of the Holy River Ganga which was released by Lord Shiva from his matted hair. It was done by him for providing water to the mankind. River Ganga was the savior of the mankind otherwise the masses would have died, according to the religious texts available in India. The land here was completely barren till river Ganges was released by Lord Shiva. There is a lot of greenery outside the temple and therefore it is a complete package of pilgrimage. People come here for trekking also. Therefore, if you are a lover of adventure also, you must come here.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Kedarnath temple before November and after April. It has been open for 6 months. There is huge snowfall in Kedarnath and therefore the idol of Lord Kedarnath is also shifted to ukhimath. It is a place near guptkashi.

Survival during Floods

In the year 2013, massive flash floods and landslides almost destructed the town of Kedarnath. You would be surprised to know that around 1 lakh people were airlifted with the help of helicopters of the Indian army and Indian Air force. This rescue operation was conducted by the ex-Indian Army and Air Force officers without waiting for the orders by the Ministry of Defense and the state government. It saved many lives. This is the spirit of the Indians who know to act in time. If you are on delhi sightseeing tour packages, you must try to visit at least one pilgrimage site certainly.

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