Search Engine Optimization 2020

search engine optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in the information technology world. There might not be an exact word by word definition of it, but this means getting traffic on the engine of search which safe and pure.

When you talk about traffic in life, you’ll always think no traffic is good but, at some point in life you’ll realise there are kinds of traffic; a good traffic and a bad traffic.

It may be the traffic of good friends or bad company it all depends upon you. Similarly, on web searches or engines you can easily find traffic for your website but the point is, if you love wrestling suppose you’ve opened a WWE Shop where you are selling leather jackets or Movie Jackets worn by wrestlers who are now working in movies, then you wouldn’t want someone who is not into wrestling or leathers on your website. This is not good traffic, the quality of traffic is engaging with the people who are actually there and are interested in your product.

Once you find the people who are interested in your products, the sale, or the new opportunities you’re offering then people clicking through will increase the performance and further engagement of the post.

To increase your website to the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) announcements help. Any large number of announcements help BUMP your website.


Search Engine Optimization works through the web design to level up the efficiency of the engine.

If you have put up a website Leather Jackets but you are not offering your viewers any product or content it’s a wasteland. There is no point in your website if you have no idea what you should conjure up to put on to your site it will look empty and lonely with no traffic on it. What you should do is, make copies of sites that are SEO friendly but do not copy the content, it goes against ethics and you might need to pay fine for that. These copied sites will help grow from SEO friendly to best practiced connections.


Update your websites according to the trend of SEO, there are too many fish in the pond and you need to select your fish carefully. The competition is not just tough but growing and doing it fast. An updated website according SEO standards will help truly. The primary strategy would remain the same; target the correct audience, increase mobile audience, add important keywords. These are the rules you shouldn’t ever forget and then straighten yourself according to the newest standards.

After Search Engines that we type in, voice is the new search. Now to make it easier for everyone who doesn’t know how to type in properly or have time to type or people with dyslexia, it has been made easier to search for things you need by voice. There are various search engines like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google’s miss mysterious assistant who claims to have no relation with Siri or Alexa yet she knows them to be good voices. Instead of typing users talk so to get correctly what User is looking for due to longer sentences it is difficult which proving to be an issue in this year.


However, whatever you do to your website in order to bring it up to the search engines, the given criteria is, content is the King and elitist entity. You need to put good stuff whether it be vlogs, blogs, videos, podcast, pictures snaps poetry anything on the website. All of the aforementioned items should have relevance with people and life. This will make your stuff searchable or there would be no use of your content. 

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