10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO

Website Needs SEO

You think your work is done when you have created your website, add content and do the visuals. But it?s only the initial phase. After the designing and development of your website, your job is to nurture leads for your business through your website. And it will happen when you do the SEO of your website. 

SEO short for search engine optimization is a technique that helps you to gain organic traffic from the search engines. It boosts your website ranking by leveling up your website above and over your competitors and on top of the search engine rankings.  

There are many ways, and SEO can help your website apart from traffic and gaining audience. Let?s discuss the most prominent ones.

1.  Grow the Organic Traffic

The search engine Google owns a large market as compared to Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Baidu. So, if you?re looking to grow your website, you should make efforts to rank it on Google because it will give you more organic traffic from the other search engines. While designing your website, you should keep the SEO attributes in mind, image optimization, content optimization and design optimization.

An SEO optimized will take less time to rank on search engines as compared to an unoptimized site.

2.    Gives you Long Term Results as Compared to the PPC Ads 

Running your business Ad on Google requires the cost and the disadvantage is that when you stop paying Google for the ad, it won?t show up. While the ranked websites don?t get down because Google considers it as the one which provides value. And it stays on the spot for a long time while keeping up the traffic on your website.

3.    Boosts your Website Credibility

When you are eager to rank your website on search engines, you create backlinks, do guest posting and reach on forums to talk about your website. This cycle makes your business known worldwide. In between the SEO process, you gain traffic from different mediums especially when you write blogs for other websites. It?s an effective way to boost your website credibility and grow its ranking.

4.   Gives you the Rank over your Competitors

Competitors are everywhere but you build your website ranking when you plan to overcome them. For example, if your competitors are applying SEO services, you can dig their keywords and analyze their SEO strategies. The SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahref can help you with that. By knowing their strategies, you can improve your process and use it to convert leads for your business. 

5.     Helps you Build Great User Experience 

The key to reach audience heart lies in giving their desirable user experience when they come to your website. In the hopes to get more traffic and increase the search engine ranking, you optimize your website for better user experience. 

If you don?t give customers what they want, you won?t rank better. And Google also likes the site which is optimized for user experience. This helps in making your search engine ranking better.

6.    Grow your Revenue

When customers enter keywords like, ?best websites for designing,? ?best gaming apps,? or ?best development sites?, there?s a great opportunity for websites to turn these queries into leads. And this can also happen if your website?s SEO is better and it comes under top 5 results of the search page. The websites that rank on the top four places of the search results grabs more opportunities than the one who ranks on the second page. That?s the power of quality SEO.

7.   SEO is Cost Saving

 Unlike the PPC ads, the SEO doesn?t require the cost to rank your website. It needs your time and efforts to grow organic results. And you?ll get quality results for the long-term. It?s also sustainable.

8.    Impacts the Buying Process 

Applying SEO to your business or eCommerce site increases the sale and purchases cycle. The higher the rank, the better the revenue.

9.   Helps you Track Results 

There are SEO tools like Google Search Engine Console and Google Analytics which can help you to track results for your website and measure the traffic coming. 

10.   Keep Your Website Updated 

When you apply SEO to your site, you stay updated with the best and latest practices of Google which keeps your website updated and on top of the fold.  

SEO is essential for your business if you want to make money and grow your brand. So, make sure you do the perfect SEO for your site. You can also take help from any professional SEO company to help with your website SEO.?

I wish you Good Luck!

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