Hand Soap Vs Hand Sanitizer: Which One Should You Use?

hand soap vs hand sanitizer

Washing your hands repeatedly in a single day can control the spread of germs and viruses and can decrease the percentage of getting sick. If you touch your face with dirty hands or eat something without cleaning your hands properly then there are many chances of getting ill. Diarrhea and food poisoning are the most common diseases that spread due to dirty hands. So to be safe and healthy self hygiene is very necessary. 

You cannot differentiate that washing hands with soap and water is best or cleaning them with sanitizer is a good way, the thing is that both of them do their work efficiently. When you are in a hurry and cannot get soap and water for washing your hands then sanitizer is also a better option. 

A person can get infected from virus and flu from anywhere so taking precautions is a necessary thing. Keeping your hands clean is always a better choice for being safe and healthy.

Washing Hands with Soap and Water

One of the most effective ways to get your hands clean is washing them with soap and water. Cleaning hands with water and soap is considered to be the most ancient practice for getting your hands clean and keeping yourself safe from germs and bacteria. 

Rub your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds to kill all the microbes that are present on your hands. Cover all the surfaces and fingers properly while rubbing and then wash your hands with clean water. Wipe your hands with a clean cloth or towel after washing them. 

Cleaning Hands with Sanitizer:

When it’s hard to find soap and water then you can clean your hands with sanitizer. It is a substitute for soap and water for cleaning your hands. The most important ingredient that your sanitizer should contain is rubbing. 

It is only effective when it has 60-70 percent. There are many brands of sanitizer available in the market and each of them is better in its own way. They can be gel based or foam based, both of them are equally effective. You just need to see that it contains more than 60 percent.

It is not possible to take soap and water with you everywhere you go and another thing is that you don’t know that you will get them wherever you go or not. So if you are traveling somewhere or going to a nearby market then sanitizer can be a better product that will protect you from germs and infection.

Going to a grocery shop or any general store to get some products then sanitize your hands before touching anything. You cannot wash your hands every time you go from one shop to another so cleaning your hands with sanitizer is a more relevant option. 

The placement of touchless hand sanitizer dispenser should be done at workplaces, clinics, malls and other traffic areas as there are more staff and employees. Cleaning your hands before entering the workplace premises is safe hygiene.   

If your hands are very dirty, greasy or oily then sanitizer is not going to work. At that time you need to clean your hands properly with soap and water. Soap removes all the dust and hazardous germs from your hands and sanitizer rovers just small dust particles and microbes from your palms. 

It is always advised to wash your hands properly rather than using a sanitizer, as they are only for extreme situations where you cannot find soap and water. 

Comparing Soap and Sanitizer:

No doubt that soap is always better than sanitizer and doctors as well as experts always advise to use soap and water for cleaning your hands. There are so many small particles and dust that stick to your hands when you go out or touch something outside the house. Always wash your hands properly with soap and water after coming home.

Researchers say that using too much hand sanitizer dispenser can be harmful for your skin and health. The chemicals present in it can be hazardous to your skin and make your skin dry. It is advised to keep the sanitizer away from infants and kids as they can be harmful at their delicate skin. 

It is also said that sanitizer does not clean your hands fully, it just makes a protective layer for some time and if your hands are more dirty than sanitizer is not effective on your hands. You have to wash your hands with soap and water properly. 

Tips to be Protected:

To protect your loved ones and to keep your surroundings clean and hygienic follow some cleaning tips at your home and at the place where you work. 

  • Clean the floors of your house twice a day or at least once in a day so that the bacteria gets destroyed. 
  • The tables, chairs and other furniture items must be cleaned properly as they are the most touched thing manier times in a day. 
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water after coming home.      

Take proper care of your skin after using soap or sanitizer on your hands. Do not use too much sanitizer or hand wash, just a small droplet of it is enough to get your hands cleaned. Try to use sanitizer that contains moisturizer so that your hands are protected. 

If you are not able to get a moisturized sanitizer than make your hands moisturized by applying cream or on your hands while you go to sleep. Creams or ointments that contain petroleum jelly works as a good moisturizer.         

Washing your hands frequently is advised when you go outside the house for some work, if you are staying at home then you do not need to sanitize your hands many times a day. 

Just be careful and clean them before eating or after touching any dirty thing. Be more careful if there are small children in your house. Take proper care of their health and hygiene as well as keep their toys and other things clean. 


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