How To Find A Good Piano Teacher For Your Child

If your child wants to learn piano or even if it?s you who is thinking of enrolling your child in a piano class, either way it is the best decision for your child’s mental, physical, social and creative growth. However, with this decision comes the greatest responsibility for you as a parent. Regardless of who was interested in learning piano in the first place, the responsibility of finding the best piano teacher falls on your shoulders alone unanticipated. 

Why finding a good piano teacher is important when there are so many high school or college students who are teaching piano locally. You may ask!

Learning piano is a long journey and having the support of a good teacher while embarking on this journey can make a lot of things easier for your child. Provided that finding a right piano teacher is central to the success of your child, we have compiled a list of important criteria that you must look into while finding a good piano teacher in San Jose.?

Outline your goals

Before you run an errand to find the best teacher for your child, first try to figure out what you want your child to accomplish through piano classes. Do you want him/her to become a skilled pianist? Do you want to cultivate love for music in your child?s heart? Do you want to foster their creativity or Do you only want your child to visit piano classes for relaxation? Your goals have a lot to do with your requirements. It will help you to understand whether or not you want a highly qualified, experienced teacher. A piano teacher who is a perfectionist and gives private piano lessons San Jose ?will also charge more than others. Therefore, if you want a highly skilled piano teacher, compromising because of money will not be the right thing to do. It is also important that the teacher is creative enough to unlock your child?s hidden talent and develop his/her interest in learning piano.?

Things to look for in a piano teacher

There?s this misconception among parents that their child will need a better teacher when they will move on to the advanced topics. However, the reality is completely opposite. Just as you need to lay down a strong foundation to erect a strong building, you also need the best teacher for your child in the beginning. A teacher that is able to break down complex topics into easy bits and pieces and establish a healthy relationship with your child is what they need to ignite love for piano learning in their hearts. While it is important that a teacher should be qualified, it doesn?t ensure that they will also be the best teacher. It makes it even more important for you to look at other characteristics like a teacher’s sympathetic attitude, friendliness, curiosity to learn new things and creativity to find ways to teach new things to students etc.


Trial lessons are invaluable especially when you are not sure whether a particular teacher will be a good fit for your child. Sometimes parents have to part ways with a teacher when they feel that their child is not flourishing well in the class. It may cause you to lose money because mostly the fee that you have paid is not refundable. Therefore, don?t be reluctant in making full use of trial less as it will protect your money and help you make an informed decision for your child.
Choosing the right piano teacher that gives the best Piano lessons in San Jose ca is not an easy task but paying due diligence at this level can open doors to thousands of? opportunities for your child. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to shop around, compare so many teachers before coming to any conclusion. You can start by browsing the websites of piano teachers in your local area as it will help you understand their style and personality. In the end, don?t forget that even the best teacher can only teach things to your child but to actually learn demands firm commitment and patience from your child?s side. Start preparing them for it and success will be all theirs.

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