8 Luxurious Decorations to Add to Your Home

We all want our homes to feel cozy, warm, and inviting, and when we can add a bit of opulence, we can create the ultimate living space. Some people decide that luxury items are out of reach because the price can get too high, but interior designers say that small touches can deliver effective, luxe upgrades for the home and don’t have to break your wallet. Our interior design experts are sharing some of their favorite tips on adding luxurious decorations to your home.

luxurious home decorations

1. Neutral Colors

We have all heard that paint can immediately transform a room, and that’s been proven over and over again. If you want to show off an interior that looks rich and timeless, then, consider neutral shades.

Colors such as gray and cream are two of the most popular hues for adding elegance and calmness to a space.

2. Updated Lighting

Lighting is everything, according to Hollywood, and it can also elevate the beauty of the rooms in your home. If you’ve been sitting around with outdated fixtures, then, swap up some of your lighting pieces for a modern look that will usher in a new ambiance and lushness to your spaces.

Maybe it’s a new lamp or a stunning chandelier. Lighting can put the spotlight on a chic, sophisticated-looking residence.

3. Mirrored Furnishings

Let’s face it. You can’t help but look at and look into a gorgeous mirror, and the right one can become a focal point in a living space. If you’re longing for a luxurious home, try mirrored furnishings.

An ornate wall mirror is striking on its own, but you can also help define a room with mirrored furnishings such as a mirrored nightstand or coffee table, or mirrored armoire.

4. Lush Florals

Look at the interiors of expensive homes, and you will often see beautiful florals gracing a room. Flowers add warmth, softness, and texture to spaces that are usually hard and structural in design. Their color and simplicity speak volumes.

A fine example of this would be a lovely bouquet of faux peonies in a vase. Peonies, with their blousy blooms, are one of the most classic and timeless flowers in the universe. They take your breath away and bring richness to any space.

5. Open Space

Every room, big or small, can benefit from decluttering or rearranging. This easy step can welcome more open space and allow a room to look expensive.

You could also add an extension to your home if your budget allows for it. Or maybe convert a garage into space for another room. There are a number of ways to create the appearance of open space, and some people love to create a vaulted ceiling for a look of grandeur.

6. New Upholstery

Neutral paint colors are expensive-looking, and striking new upholstery can also add visual texture and plushness to your home. Let’s say your dining room chairs are looking tired and blah. Upholstering the set could bring in a luxe environment and totally change your interior space.

Upholstery gives you tons of amazing options in style, color, fabric, and more. Consider the wealthy appearance of linen, leather, velvet, wool, and damask fabric designs.

7. Adhesive Wallpaper

This one’s becoming a popular solution for refreshing space and adding luxury to it. Adhesive wallpaper is temporary and fun to experiment with. You can spruce up a room or two with lighter colors and subtle patterns and really transform a space.

When you get bored, you can change it.

Wallpaper is on-trend at the moment, and even a scenic wall mural is another rich-looking idea. It’s evocative and captures the imagination.

8. New Hardware

Sometimes, it’s the tiny touches that can create a handsome-looking room that looks pricey. One way to do this is with new hardware for the kitchen and bathroom.

Replace plumbing and fixture hardware and see the awesome difference between gold and silver or chrome and copper. This small step can change the entire look of a kitchen or bathroom.

Luxury feels good, especially inside our homes. Our design experts believe that these eight decorations can elevate your space in an incredible way.