5 Quirky and Unique ways to celebrate Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on 4th November nine days before Diwali and it is considered as the epitome of love and celebrated every year with lots of love from the wife to their husbands. This year due to the pandemic we have suffered a lot and it is a great way to make some new memories and make your year happy. This unique celebration way for Karwa Chauth is the way to define and set new ways for all the new couples to celebrate their love of life and you can suggest this to your couple friends and make your day special.

    The Marriage Journey Book:

    From your first date/meeting to your wedding day there?s a list of memories that you can take a printout and make photocopies and make a book while writing little notes on it. Handmade Gifts are always special and your wife will love the idea of you working on a gift especially for her. This is one of the most treasured gifts from your whole life and she will surely appreciate it.

    Treasure Hunt:

    Plan the whole day of fast for her as a fun treasure hunt that she will enjoy exploring and she will forget that she has even fasted during Karwa Chauth. Make the clues interesting and well planned so that your find can find it more relatable. You can plan a unique treasure hunt from her favorite movie dialogues and also from the pretty best dialogues of her from daily life and memories of both of you. By solving each treasure hunt she will get numerous amount of gifts and that gifts will be a remembrance of how you made her day.

    Photoshoot under the moon:

    First, buy all the things that she needs from Karwa Chauth, You can find many Karwa Chauth Sarees online and then pick the jewelry for her. Take her shopping and tell her there?s a surprise for you. Arrange a photographer under the night light of the sky and have a photo shoot for both of you. You can have a rajwadi photo shoot if you can get to someplace that is ancient or have someone who will do that for you. Make a portrait of you two that you can put in your home as the glory of love in Karwa Chauth. Make your Krwa Chauth 2020 special with quirky Gifts.

    Gift her a Motor Bike:

    Girls love riding bikes. If you want to make her happy you teach her how to ride a bike or if she already loves riding bikes, gift her a bullet and catch that smile on her face when you gift the same with your camera. Late nights rides with her and you won?t have to drive, you have the rewards that you don?t have to take her for a ride, she will take you everywhere. Take photos of her on her new bike and I am sure you won?t be able to anticipate her reaction when she will have the bike. Teaching her how to ride will be a fun process too you will love once she will get the hang of riding the bike.

    Cook for her:

    To steal a man?s heart, you have to go through their stomach. The same goes for women, a woman loves when his man cooks for her, and even though it might not taste that good but she will appreciate the effort you put it while cooking. Try to make a spicy sabji that she loves eating and a dessert for dinner to savor the sweet tooth cravings. You?re all set for the world?s best romantic dinner with your lovely wife.

    I hope you?ve enjoyed reading this blog, if you have more fun and quirky ideas do let us know in the comments. You can always keep tons of photos for her and make little personalized gifts with notes. Remember that Karwa Chauth sarees and jewelry are an integral part of the festival and find the best ones for her using many of the online eCommerce websites.

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