Office Plants for Hire: Best Plants for Your Health

    Office Plants

    Plants have many benefits that you can’t ignore and having them in your office is more recommended and beneficial for your work environment. Plants are an excellent ally to oxygenate the environment, among many other benefits. It has been shown that living near wooded areas improves our health and mood, reducing stress.

    Suppose you own or manage a workspace building or workspace. In that case, you can understand that workspace plants, especially flowering plants, are beneficial to employees and make the entire office look better.

    The plants for events play an important role in decoration. Whether it is a wedding, party, presentation, or celebration, renting decorative plants allows you to customize your liking space. We have a wide variety of options to create environments of all kinds.

    The interior environment of an office must also be renewed, so it is vital to ventilate our office daily. In addition to that, having indoor plants will also help the air in our office be healthier.

     Besides providing beauty and decoration to our office, plants perform a regenerative function that can be very useful in allergies or flats located in areas with high traffic and pollution.

    Indoor plants, a beautiful way to improve your office

    As mentioned earlier, the benefits of Office Plants for Hire go beyond the merely aesthetic. Indoor plants reduce stress levels in rooms, promote concentration, generate sensation and well-being, purify the air, provide humidity to spaces, and reduce dust mites and other allergens that float in the environment.

    These are multiple benefits that give us extra comfort, in addition to the fundamentally ornamental aspect that they undoubtedly bring to our office.

    When buying Office Plants for Hire to decorate our office, we must look at the state of these in the store and the care they receive. In this way, we will make sure they are healthy.

    Plants that bloom should have a maximum of 15% of open flowers and buds are well trained, as this can look flowers much longer. It is also essential to check that the roots of the plants are well attached. This will indicate that they are healthy.

    All plants need light to photosynthesize, but some indeed need more light than others. This factor is significant when choosing the place in the office to put each variety.

     It is essential to find out how much light they need. It is necessary to turn the plant from time to time to give it light from all sides. Plants with red flowers need a lot of light to keep their color alive.

    Depending on the brightness of the areas of your office, you can put one variety or another. For example, in more light, you can place plants such as Aucuba, Clivia, Croton, Potos, or Espatifilo. In areas with medium light, the ideal is to identify specimens of Azaleas, Cyclamen, Adam’s Ribs, Ficus Benjamina, Trunk of Brazil, or Yuca. Finally, in areas with little light, the recommended species are Caladios, Cisos, Ferns, Peperomias, Kentias, or Singonios.

    It is also essential to consider that plants suffer a lot from drafts and heating, in the first case because temperature changes damage them, and in the second because heating dries the environment and plants need a certain degree of moisture.

    Ornamental plants are a gift of nature that transforms the space in which we operate. Their benefactive influence is most notable if we reserve specific strategic rooms for them in the office.

    Remarkably, office workers are in closed spaces during the third part of their working life, so they are forced to see the vegetation through the window or hang images of nature, such as a way to project your feelings of freedom. It also manufactures them with hydro planter systems with a water reserve and level indicator in conventional planters or made to measure stainless steel, corten steel, and any material.

    This need to be in contact with nature, easily solvable with rental ornamental plants, holds a long list of benefits for the worker, the company, and the client, among which we can highlight:

    The feeling of well-being

    Plants help elevate the spirit and motivation. A close relationship with natural plants is proven to reduce tension, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. That is a good reason why architects around the world are promoting green spaces in work areas.

    Productivity increase

    Due to their ability to purify the air and reduce CO2 levels, plants increase the concentration of people who work indoors, mainly if they spend long hours sitting in front of a computer.

    Favorable for health

    Plants help to balance the percentages of humidity, reducing it in the wet season and providing it in the dry season, thus avoiding fatigue, respiratory problems, and feelings of discomfort.

    They purify the air

    Clean air not only contributes to improving people’s health conditions. It also elevates your energy and well-being. This can be seen with the naked eye in people who get up early to walk, run, or exercise outdoors. In scientific terms, plants reduce the so-called “sick building syndrome.”

    Muffle noise

    Plants function as acoustic insulators on avenues and highways, and if that happens in the city, even more so, it reduces ambient noise in offices. Plants are estimated to be capable of reducing environmental noise by 5 decibels.

    Increase performance

    Improvements in the working environment, coming from clean air, reducing noise, regulated humidity, and, in general, the feeling of well-being influences workers’ performance. The levels of absenteeism and illness are reduced.

    However, Office Plants for Hire requires a lot of knowledge and work of pruning, rotating, fertilizing, watering, spraying, and cleaning, so buying plants can be a high and unnecessary expense. It will always be advisable to pay from less to more and do it in small doses on multiple occasions and at the right time.

    Hence, rental plants’ importance as an alternative to keep the office fresh, beautiful, and healthy.

    Many architecture and decoration firms specialized in offices’ design, and new workspaces have the experience to turn into reality the vegetal compositions imagined by decorators and interior designers integrated into furniture and office tables.

    Both fixed and temporary decoration, natural plants, artificial plants, planters, hidrojardineras, aerial mounts, interiors, murals, and floral gardens; made with natural, synthetic, or preserved articles and accessories.

    Luwasa indoor plant provides service to all types of spaces and clients, especially to install plants in Companies, Offices, Contract Spaces, Fairgrounds, Assembly Halls, Communities, or Communities of Neighbors. Luwasa, provide you with live green plants to improve your office’s interior design, contribute to reducing noise scenarios, improve the level of clean air, and provide biophilic benefits throughout the office?all without the worries of plant care that were trying to carry out everything on your own. So buy plants for your office online and make good environments for the employee.

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