Learn 3D Animation with live studio exposure

Learning 3D animation from B.Sc animation colleges like Hi Tech Animation is apt for youngsters who aspire to create magic and substantiate their vivid imagination in the virtual platform. It is no news that the demand for animation artists from India has been increasing rapidly for quite a while. There […]

The Ultimate DevOps Roadmap in 2021

DevOps is a culture shift from the traditional methodology in the Software Development Lifecycle. DevOps has transformed the entire Software industry. Its motive is to remove the barrier between the Development and the Operations team. DevOps Engineer is a popular role that many are aspiring for in the DevOps community. […]

How to Create an AI Bot?

Introduction AI chatbot is an application that is used in messaging applications for support and services. It uses natural language tools to process data and analyse it and return the appropriate message; it may be a voice or text message. It will be available 24/7. Chatbots are developed for particular […]