Exploring the Latest Features in React Native

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Since its launch, React Native has revolutionised the world of mobile app development with its stunning features. It is a popular framework used to develop native mobile apps using JavaScript and React. React Native is rapidly evolving, opening doors for developers to make more innovative and efficient mobile apps with its new features and improvements with each update. With the growth in demand for cross-platform mobile app development solutions, it has become mandatory for developers to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements within the framework to deliver the best possible results. From our experience as the best React Native development company in Kolkata, we are going to share some of the latest features in React Native that are shaping the new future of mobile app development.

React Native CLI improvements

One of the most useful features that has been introduced within the framework is React Native CLI (Command Line Interface). It supports features such as “autolinking,” which omits developers’ efforts in manually linking libraries at the time of adding them to a project. It contributes largely to reducing development efforts and time while at the same time ensuring error-free solutions.

Performance improvements with Hermes

With the introduction of the Hermes engine to React Native, the default JavaScript engine for Android applications has leveraged performance optimisation to a great extent. It delivers faster loading times when users launch your mobile app; it allows you to reduce the overall app size, which makes it easier for users to download and store it; and it delivers an optimal and smoother user experience while keeping its responsiveness and fluidity up-to-date.

Effortless Debugging with Flipper

Debugging can be a laborious, hectic, and time-consuming task for developers, but with Flipper, developers do not need to worry about debugging. It benefits the developers by providing a user-friendly visual interface for the inspection of important aspects such as UI components, network requests, and app state. It allows developers to dive deep into the UI structure for rendering issues, and it also provides insights on aspects such as network traffic monitoring, assessing any errors or communication delays, and ensuring seamless integration of the mobile app with backend programs. These valuable insights help developers identify any unexpected behaviour or performance-related issues within the internal state of the app.

Accessibility Enhancements at the Forefront

As per the legal and social obligations of digital accessibility, it is mandatory to make your app optimised for all users, including those with disabilities. React Native’s latest accessibility enhancements introduced features for enhancing accessibility such as voiceovers, screen readers, and dynamic sizing support.

New Architecture: Fabric

React Native restructured its core architecture, which is designed to improve the performance, responsiveness, and scalability of mobile applications. The new architecture is named Fabirc, which is the reimplementation of its bridge architecture, where communication between JavaScript code and native modules is done through a bridge. Though it enabled cross-platform development, it still has many issues when dealing with complex UI scenarios, which have been improved with the introduction of Fabric. It enabled asynchronous rendering, incremental UI updates, an improved treading model, enhanced gesture handling, and better scalability.

React Native Navigation 6

With the introduction of React Native Navigation 6, there is open scope to make improvements in the navigation system of any mobile app developed using React Native. This upgraded navigation allows for more intuitive and user-friendly app experiences by omitting complexities from complex navigation structures with nested screens.

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