Reasons Why My Teeth Are Translucent

Have you looked in the mirror while flossing or brushing and noticed your teeth’ transparent tips? If that’s the case, you might be wondering, “Why are my teeth translucent?” After all, teeth are generally opaque. This means you shouldn’t be able to see through them. So, if you have translucent […]

7 Common Diseases You Can Prevent

The key to ensuring that you live a long and healthy life is to increase your medical knowledge, partake in annual disease screening services, exercise, eat healthy foods, and immunization. According to data that was gathered by America’s Health 2016 report, some of the top risk factors for diseases are […]

Hair Fall In Winter

You will fall in love with your hair this winter! It’s a misty, foggy morning when you wake up and pull open the curtains. Winter is upon us! There are many things you love about winters, such as hot soups, steaming cups of tea and a bounty of fruits and […]

13 Home Remedies Effectively for Asthma

This article will help you find the best home remedies for Asthma. Let me first tell you about Asthma. AsthmaThis happens when your main airways, the bronchial tube, become inflamed. Asthma can be treated. Asthma is a chronic condition that can affect your breathing and airways. It can affect your airways, which are the […]