Unknown Facts to Reveal About Botox Treatment

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If you want a smooth and flawless appearance, resisting the aging effects then you can undergo Botox in Wimbledon. It refers to tiny shots of toxin that stops the muscle movement for some time addressing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Besides aesthetic enhancement, it is helpful in treating a number of issues like overactive bladder, sweating, spasms and others. You can seek help from it to get rid of migraines. 

It comprises of a food poisoning toxin, namely botulism. Only licensed provider can use botulinum toxin! According to FDA if used properly it can help in several medical purposes. Continue reading this blog to know every facts on Botox treatment.

Why do you need Botox injection?

While you are planning to get best deep cleansing facial in London using Botox, remember it can block several nervous chemical signal responsible for muscle contraction. Mostly, it relaxes down the facial muscles preventing skin from facial wrinkles and fine lines. 

On another flip, it can ease out the symptoms of multiple health issues. Although it never offers cure but takes certain symptoms into account. They are in the following:

  • Neck spasm- When neck muscles continue to contract uncontrollably it may lead the head to turn and twist of head in painful position.
  • Muscle spasm- Multiple conditions and cerebral palsy contracts the limbs towards centre of the physique. Sometimes, it can cause twitching of eyes too.
  • Lazy eye- It refers to imbalance in eyes muscle responsible for its movement. It results in misaligned or crossed eye too.
  • Sweating- Many people release extreme sweat even when not in physical stress or in hot condition leading to hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.
  • Migraine- If you experience headache for most of the month then you have migraine. The serious headache results in chronic migraine and urgent treatment is necessary for it.
  • Bladder problem- Botox shots helps in mitigating urinary incontinence due to overactive bladder.

What are the associated risks of Botox treatment?

While planning to visit a clinic in Wimbledon for Botox treatment, you must know that it is completely safe. To ensure the safety, make sure that you choose a skilful and licensed provider for the procedure. If done inappropriately it can lead to adverse effect not only on your skin but also on your overall health. Potential risks of botox treatments are in the following:

  • Infection at the site of injection
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Drooling or crooked smile
  • Crooked eyebrows or droopy eyelids
  • Flu-like symptoms or headache
  • Bruising, swelling or pain at the site of treatment

Although rare, but it has a chance to spread all over the body not addressing the affected spot at all. You need to get in touch with the healthcare provider if there are any of the following symptoms after some time or days of treatment.

  • Loss in bladder control
  • Allergy
  • Breathing issue
  • Difficulty in swallowing of talking
  • Vision problem
  • Muscle weakness

Botox is not recommended to nurturing new mothers and pregnant women at all.

How to pick up the provider

Start searching with ‚Äėfull face rejuvenation near me‚Äô online to get the names in your area. After shortlisting a few names, compare the reviews, feedback, ratings, service quality and cost of the provider. This will surely narrow down the list and you can get the most suitable and reliable one within your budget.

However, always choose a qualified, licensed and experienced provider. During the appointment raise your concerns and ask if it suits you the best or not. Even you can ask for referrals from the primary healthcare provider to get it done by an expert provider.

What involves the preparation procedure?

Your provider can determine the kind of botulinum injection requires for the individual condition and requirements. So, it is always advisable to consult with the provider beforehand in order to obtain a risk-free and smooth treatment.

You need to share some information with the provider like whether you had Botox treatment before or not, if you are on blood thinners or not. Blood thinning medication must be stopped a couple of days before the treatment to alleviate the chance of bruising and bleeding. You need to consult with the healthcare provider providing these medications on an urgent basis too.

What should be your expectation?

Before Botox treatment

During the facial treatment in Wimbledon, you will not feel any pain. But it is better to ask the provider for numbing the area in case you want to treat the feet and palm due to heavy sweating. A number of numbing processes are there- applying anaesthesia on the skin, massage and icing. Numbing the area using massage is popularly known as vibration anaesthesia. 

What involves the procedure?

You need to visit the dedicated clinic for undergoing the treatment. The provider makes use of thin needle to administer little amounts of botulinum toxin in the muscles or skin. Based on the area of treatment, the provider will determine the shots number you need. Rarely, ultrasound comes to use for guiding the needles at the right spot.

2 forms of Botox injection are there:

  • Type A- This one helps in reducing fine lines and facial wrinkles.
  • Type B- It helps in addressing neck spasm.

What to do after the treatment?

Avoid massaging or rubbing the treated spots for a day! Also, you should not lie down for 2-4 hours of getting the injections. Otherwise, the toxin will spread to other areas. However, you can start the regular activities once the treatment is over! But if you get Botox for facial in Wimbledon then speak to the provider when you can get back to normal life!

What about its result?

You may start noticing the result within 1-3 days of getting the treatment but it consumes a couple of week for exhibiting the desirable outcome. However, not all people can get rid of the symptoms or obtain visible outcome. The impact can last for 3-4 months depending on issues being treated. In case, you want to hold on the effect for long then follow-up injections are mandatory periodically.


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