Remove Dental Stains by Whitening Your Teeth

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How do our teeth get stained?

Teeth staining happen due to the ignorant dental lifestyle of the people. People often eat foods that contain certain pigments which stain the teeth. As the people have now become quite busy due to their schedule, they spend the maximum time of the day outside their house. They do not have the time to brush their teeth so often.

Usually brushing twice or thrice a day is enough to maintain a proper dental hygiene. But the amount of food we eat is quite unpredictable. When people remain outside their houses due to office work or any other reasons, sometimes they get opportunities to eat outside but do not have the opportunity to brush that often. Staining is usually an external process that causes temporary discolouration of the teeth.

Which foods are likely to stain the teeth?

Food products that contain turmeric, red pigment or any other staining elements usually leave a faint stain over the teeth that cause the teeth to lose its whiteness. Sometimes the stain becomes so strong that it cannot be removed plainly by brushing thoroughly. It requires professional teeth whitening. Drinks like tea, coffee, sugary fruit juices and red wine also cover the whole teeth with their colour. Liquids are more likely to cause teeth staining than the solid foods. Smoking is also one of the causes for teeth staining. The gaseous forms of tobacco leave their stain on the teeth and give it an overall brownish appearance.

There are also cases of discolouration of teeth. This discolouration is caused by internal problems unlike the external problems of staining. Usually if there is a case of any kind of trauma or injury then it will change the colour of the teeth from the inside. Other than trauma aging can also cause the staining of the teeth. The discolouration cannot be removed by simply brushing. It would require professional laser whitening technique.

How to prevent the teeth from staining?

Proper maintenance of oral hygiene can prevent the state of teeth staining. People who stay at home should brush at least thrice a day after every meal and the people who stay outside their houses for work should carry a mouth wash and use it after every meal. Other than that people should control their eating, drinking and smoking habits to maintain the proper dental hygiene.

Generally, it is advised to wait for half an hour before brushing after eating acidic food so that the outer covering or the enamel of the teeth is not spoiled. People who consume drinks should use straw if it is possible. The consumption of drinks with straw will reduce the chances of staining the teeth. These habits will reduce the staining of the teeth.

How does teeth whitening help in removing stains?

Teeth whitening Cost London or professional teeth whitening are a process that helps in removing dental stains and cure discolouration. There is no surgery procedures involved in this professional whitening. Usually hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used in the procedure for teeth whitening. The procedures of teeth whitening offers methods include whitening toothpaste, dental strips, whitening gels, mouthwash and bleaching procedures.

  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste:

There are certain toothpastes that are used to whiten the teeth and remove dental stains. These toothpastes are different from the regular ones; these toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide which help in clearing the stain and restoring the whiteness of the teeth.

  • Dental Strips:

The dental strips are disposable strips coated with chemicals that reduce the staining and make the teeth whiter. Generally dental strips are used to remove the staining of the exposed teeth. Dental strips are available at medical stores; one can buy these strips and whiten their teeth at home by themselves.

  • Whitening Gels:

The teeth whitening gels are supposed to be applied over the teeth and after some time wash them off with water and it will help the teeth to be a few shades whiter. Teeth whitening London gels are not supposed to be brushed like the toothpaste but they are supposed to be gently applied over the teeth.

  • Whitening Mouthwash:

There are also some teeth whitening mouthwashes available that help in getting rid of the general stains from the teeth. They may not remove the stains completely but it makes some amount of stains disappear.

  • Dental Bleaching:

Dental bleaching is the most advanced procedure of teeth whitening methods. This method removes the stains from the teeth completely. This process makes its effect slowly but long lasting. This process also cures discolouration.

Compulsory Dental Check up before Teeth Whitening:

Although there are various methods of conducting the processes, it is always better to consult a proper dentist before going for best teeth whitening treatment. There are many people who have sensitive teeth and may not be tolerant to severe whitening procedures. A dentist will be able advise the best treatment procedures so that their dental health is sustained.

These different types of treatment procedures have different intensity and impact on the teeth. People who have sensitive teeth will not be able to tolerate intense teeth whitening procedures. Generally the people who have sensitive teeth are advised not to whiten their teeth until they are advised some prior medication by the dentist. After the completion of the course the people can undergo a mild procedure of teeth whitening or they may not require medication at all.

There are some people who wish to conduct Teeth whitening treatment in London on their own by buying dental whitening kits. This procedure should not be encouraged and that person should consult a Chatfield Dental Braces, Teeth Whitening dentist even if he does not suffer from sensitivity. It is always a good idea to seek proper advice from the expert to get a proper treatment without much damage. Teeth whitening London are essential to keep the teeth clean but it should not be done frequently.