Where can you buy hair extensions in stores?

    buying hair extensions online

    Online shopping is gaining popularity among all the age groups. Online shopping is becoming a popular trend in the digital era. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to check out your favorite store without having to get ready or leaving your house. When you make an online purchase, it’s not mandatory that you have to do it at home; you can easily do it on your phone or iPad from anywhere. It is a substantially flat form to buy anything that includes Hair extensions too.

    A lot of the online stores provide great user experience.  Many find buying online hair use, and some face a hard time. Out of 100, 90% are happy, while 10% of the online shoppers are not happy.
     While buying Hair Extensions Online, sometimes there may be product defects, wrong color, length, and fake hair extensions. It creates a bad experience. Don’t worry I will explain step by step on how to buy extensions online  so you can enjoy online shopping the way it was intended to.

    Step 1.  Make sure to choose the right hair extensions brand

    hair extensions brand
    buying hair extensions online

    When you shop online, there will be hundreds of hair company brands that sell their products online.  It will give you choices and you can compare your options. And the type of extensions you want. Before choosing a brand to shop from always check the reviews  and see if they have more good or  bad reviews. There won’t be any brand without negative feedback, but check if they have managed to get back to them. The reviews and ratings of companies are essential.

    Step 2.  Quality is the key

    Shop from Diva Divine brand for quality hair extensions

    Sometimes buying hair extensions online can trick you when it comes to quality. You know you want pure Remy human hair extensions not a fake with cheap quality. Online shopping does offer hair extensions that are made of human hair and synthetic. So to save you from this mess, always choose the Remy and Human Hair Extensions because they last longer. Hair brands like Diva divine offer viable options with premium and pure Remy human hair that last longer.

    Step 3.  Know the cost of hair extensions

    Spent on the best hair extensions

    The cost of hair extensions are based on the quality. In general, premium hair extensions are expensive. Visit nearby salons or stores to check the price of it. If the hair quality is low and looks like Remy human hair, be careful because it is either synthetic or fake hair extensions. Spend your hard earned money wisely, on hair extensions that last longer.  Avoid purchasing synthetic hair extensions that may lead you to buy another extension.

    Step 4.  Look for the type of hair extension that you want to buy

    Before you consider buying extensions online, make sure you know the  type of extensions you want and what they offer. . Do not directly click on the products and purchase them. Read the reviews and conditions that are given before purchasing.    I buy my extensions from Diva divine hair, and they sell real hair extensions and are worth to pay. You can trust this brand for its good quality.

    Step 5. Get the right color that matches your real hair

    It is one of the most important factors when buying extensions online. How to match your hair color to hair extensions online? It will be difficult to match the shade because the images that they put on-site may be lighter or darker. It may mislead you into getting the wrong color in the array. Look for more options on the color icon or color chart on the site, it makes choosing colors easier.  Always get one shade lighter to your real hair. If your hair is brown, look for brown hair extensions, and there will be 3- 4 color options to pick to match your hair. It will be like brown shade, mocha brown, dark rich brown, or mid-tone brown.

    Step 6. Determine your hair length before buying online

    Women who buy hair extensions are looking to attain beautiful length and add volume. It is easy to select.? First, know your hair length, and if you want to add inches you can do that. Stay within 4 or 5 inches of your natural hair to blend with your hair extensions. If buying online does not fulfill your requirement, then it?s better visit a store nearby to match your length. There are many stores in India. If you are in India, Diva Divine has the best option to offer you. They are placed in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

    Step 7.  Check with the return and exchange policy

    Policy to ease a buyer while online shopping

    A lot of online stores do not accept returned products. If you have received any mismatch hair extensions that do not meet your expectation then Diva Divine will come through and help you out. They accept return and exchange policy if the buyer returns in the proper conditions. Within 15 days, the products can be exchanged. Be mindful that further cost might be charged, and the company is not responsible for any damages during the transit process. You can either call or mail them through the given address.

    Once it is shipped, it will take 3- 5 working days, the product will be scanned and inspected, and if the hair is not used, you are entitled to 100% refund within seven business days.

    Step 8.  Is their shipping ideal?

    Buy products online on time

    You may have encountered a bad shipping experience. Diva Divine has a clear policy on delivering on the given date, despite bad weathers, holidays, and natural disasters. The shipping charges are free within India and chargeable if it needs to be delivered outside India. It is advised that you avoid last minute order placement because it might hinder in getting your products on time. A tracking number is always provided, and you can stay connected through it.

    Shopping online

     Apart from buying hair extensions online, there are stores located in India that offer you many options. You want to make sure the color, length, and quality is best, then better visits stores in the following:

    1. Diva Divine Shop 3, Market, Block B, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, Delhi and Rajouri Garden ?West Delhi,
    2. Club Exit, 529, 9th Main Rd, opposite HAL 2nd Stage, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru
    3. 2nd Floor, Manju Villa, 246, Waterfield Road, opposite A’Kreation, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India
    4. Diamond House, 3rd, Road Number 10, above Nutra c, Apurupa BDR, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

    Shopping online is an amazing way to get what you want without leaving the comfort of your house. Follow my tips and buy the right hair extension for you online.

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