How do I layer my hair extensions?

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    One of the most important elements of blending hair extensions into hair is layering. Whilst we all want long luscious locks, sometimes your hair extensions are too long and blunt. Cutting layers into hair extensions can make them feel lighter and offer more movement.

    How Do I Cut My Hair Extensions?

    It?s important to install your hair extensions before cutting them. Sew-in and clip-in extensions can be cut using this technique. Style the extensions the way you normally would. Keep your head up and look straight into a mirror whilst cutting, so the hair lays in the correct position. 

    Pull your extensions into four ponytails (two side by side at the front like child?s pigtails, and two at the back stacked on top of each other). Leave the lower bottom ponytail and cut the other three sections of your hair. This way you can keep the full length on at least one point of your head.

    Slide a hairband down to just above the length you wish to cut. Try not to take more than three to four inches off at one time. Cutting too drastically will leave your hair looking blocky rather than layered. Using a razor tool instead of shears will help keep your ends from looking too blunt.

    Use a razor comb to create a gradual fringe around the face. Comb the hair of the front ponytail with a damp wide-toothed comb, and slide the razor comb down the length of hair. Thin out the hair using quick, sharp strokes for a natural finish. 

    Benefits of Layers

    Adding layers to your hair extensions will add body and movement. Adding texture can be beneficial if your extensions are too fine, or seem so perfect they appear fake. If you have clip-in hair extensions, adding layers will help the extensions blend into your natural hair. 

    Layers can add the illusion of volume to hair that is dull and limp. Those with finer hair can especially benefit from the added body that layering your hair extensions will give.

    clip-in hair extensions

    If you?ve got a square or round face, you?ll benefit from cutting longer layers as it softens the jawline. If you?ve got a heart-shaped or oval face, opt for shorter layers. For ladies with diamond faces, layers can accentuate your cheekbones even further. 

    If you are adding hair extensions to a shorter haircut, doing so without layers is likely to make them stand out for all the wrong reasons.

    You can still reinstall extensions which have been cut, especially if you leave the wefts themselves uncut. Simply number the tracks with a paper tag to keep track of the layered sewn-in or clip-on extensions. 

    Extensions all the same length can create a flat and lifeless look. Women with natural long hair will usually have strands of differing lengths, due to growth cycles and natural breakage. Having your extensions all the same length looks overly uniform and lacks density, layering will help prevent this bluntness and make them look undetectable from your natural locks.

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