Wig Length Chart: How To Choose Your Ideal Hair Length

Wig length chart and how it can assist you to find the right length?

Every woman aspires to have stunning wigs that look unique and feel comfortable.?

However, finding the right style can be difficult, with so many options and inspirations to choose from. 

Even if you find the right style, you must consider numerous factors such as wig length, wig texture, hair materials, density, and type of the wig that you want to buy. 

Hence, It is essential to understand how each of these features in a wig can complement your style and help you achieve your dream hairstyles. 

With all the important factors stated above, looking for the right wig length is considered the most important factor to consider while buying a wig. 

So in this blog, we will try to make you understand with the help of a wig length chart that will allow you to choose your ideal hair length to achieve flawless hairstyles.

Wig Length and How it is Measured

Wig length is measured from root to the tip of the wig

The length of a wig is measured between the root of the hair on top and the tip of the longest hair strand.

When searching for wigs, you’ll probably notice that they come in various lengths. The wig’s measurement is a rough estimate of where the unit’s hair will fall after it’s worn. 

If it’s 16 inches, for example, the hair will fall around 16 inches from the crown of your head. 

Basically, wigs are measured from the crown of the head to the ends of the hair. You can also look at a wig length chart to know how long or short you want your wig to be.

Curly and wavy hair types are measured the same way, but the hair is pulled straight to provide an exact measurement.

The 3 Standard Wig Measurements

The three standard wig measurements, according to a wig length chart

When buying a wig, you should consider how long you want your wig to be. They come in various lengths, but we will discuss the three standard classifications of wig lengths here. Short, medium, and long-length wigs. 

1. Short Length Wigs

The cute and fun short length wigs

Short wigs are your next best alternative if you aren’t brave enough to have the “big chop” right now. 

This is the standard length if you want to look polished and professional. 

Short wigs can also be styled in a playful, bold, and edgy look, so don’t limit yourself to the look like the one shown in the picture. Create your own style and rock it confidently!

2. Medium Length Wigs

Medium length wigs can be styled to look like Oprah?s?

Check out some mid-length wigs hairstyles online and get some inspiration! 

Trust us; It’s the most versatile and trendy length you can wear because you can effortlessly transition from a sleek updo to letting your hair down in a messy style. 

This wig length can frame your face while also highlighting its natural structure beautifully. 

3. Long Length Wigs

The styling options for long length wigs are unlimited

Do you yearn for the feminine feel of long hair? With Indian Wavy Lace Front Wig, go from short to show-stopping long locks in just a matter of time.?

You can play around with it by curling, styling, and braiding it or simply letting it down for a laid-back look. With your long wig on, the options are unlimited. 

Be creative and wear stunning long hairstyles that will make some heads turn.

How To Measure a Wig?

A wig length chart to assist you in determining the length you want

Step 1: You can place your wig on a wig head or lay it flat on a table if you have a straight hair wig. If you prefer wavy or curly hair, it is best to stretch it to the fullest before taking the measurements.

Step: 2 Take a measuring tape and place it on the top/root of the wig. Take the longest strand and measure it until the tip of the strand. The key is to measure it from the root.

Step: 3 Some wigs come with layers, so it is important to take all the measurements because it will allow you to know where the long and short strands will fall when you wear them.

The Wig Length Chart

Take a look at this wig length chart before buying a wig

Understanding the wig length chart will allow you to know how long you want your wigs to be. 

The chart shows you different hair textures and how long they appear on your head. 

Although this wig length chart is helpful, it is best to take the measurements by yourself and, as stated earlier, always start from the roots!

Choosing the Right Wig Length for You

Choosing the right wig length is easy with these 3 tips

It is entirely up to you how long you want your wigs to be because different people have different preferences in choosing the length of their wigs. Some prefer it short and cute, with others prefer it long and bold. Below are some of the factors you should consider before buying a wig.

1. Your Height Plays a Big Role?

When it comes to wig length, your height plays a significant role in making it look flawless. 

Why? Because the length of your wig can either make you look taller or shorter. 

Also, If you have a short stature, a long wig will make you appear even shorter. 

A short or mid-length wig, on the other hand, creates the impression that you are taller than you are.

2. Do Not Cut It All The Way, Keep It a Little Longer/Choose a Longer Wig

Going for the lengthier choice is always a safe bet because you can always chop the additional inches off afterward. 

When you’re dealing with unnaturally short wigs, especially hair extensions, you’ll have to cut a few inches off your natural hair to make ends meet. 

So, it is best to keep your hair a little longer to be on the safer side.

3. Try Out Different Lengths

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different wig lengths. Wigs allow you to explore and find the perfect wig length and style for you. 

You might be surprised by what you discover by experimenting with different lengths. 

Try some cute short, trendy medium-length, and long and bold hairstyles. Creativity is the only limitation.


Most women think that wig length is simply the measurement of the wig from one end to the other. 

While it is somewhat true, you cannot compromise your surface knowledge and buy a wig without knowing what a wig length chart actually is and how a simple short, medium, and long wig can change your overall personality. 

This is why this blog is here to rescue you from purchasing a wig that doesn’t match your requirements.?
Now that you have some ideas on wig length, you can confidently buy a wig from India Hair International and style it the way you like. Come on girl; it is your time to set the trend!


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