7 Essential Things to Have Before Getting a Cat

So you’re planning to add a cat to your home. That’s wonderful news. A feline friend can bring a lot of fun, love, and companionship to your life. Cats also require a great deal of care and dedication. Whether you’re becoming a kitty parent for the first time or you’ve done this before, you’re probably going to need some essential supplies. Here’s a quick rundown of the seven essential things to have before getting a cat.

1. Pet Carrier

The first thing you will need is a cat carrier. Having a quality pet carrier made especially for transporting a cat is a worthwhile investment. Using a proper carrier will ensure your cat’s safety as well as your own. You don’t want her to jump out of a box and be free to roam your vehicle. You’ll get lots of use out of your carrier, including bringing your pet home and taking her to the vet. Speaking of vet, pet well visits and emergency care can get expensive. It’s a good idea to also consider adding cat insurance as a must-have item on your list too.

2. Food

Your cat or kitten will also require feeding. You’ll want to spend some time to determine which food is the best kind for your particular pet, based on age or breed. Talk to the people where you found your new friend to find out what he’s been eating there. It can be good to stick with a kind that already agrees with him. You can then check with your vet to be sure it’s a kind that is recommended.

3. Food and Water Bowls

Feeding time also involves a food bowl and water dispenser. These don’t have to be expensive. Some cats prefer that their dishes be far apart. A water fountain bowl may work well, as cats in the wild tend to drink from running water sources. The most important thing is that your kitty will use the ones you choose. Some trial and error may be required.

4. Litter Box

Next comes the litter box. This is an item you absolutely must-have. It’s a good rule of thumb to get one box, plus an extra, per each cat you own. They should be spaced throughout your home. There are various types of littler boxes. Price doesn’t matter as much as size. You’ll want the box to be at least one and a half times longer than the cat so there is plenty of space to turn around. Go with unscented litter to be safe, as many cats are turned off by certain smells.

5. Collar

Collars are a necessity even for indoor cats. You should get an ID tag with your cat’s name and your contact information. Attach the tag to the collar so she can be returned to you in the event that she gets lost. Breakaway collars add a layer of safety so that choking doesn’t occur.

6. Bed

Your new furry friend will benefit from having a safe, warm place for him to sleep. Enclosed cat beds are great because they create a sense of privacy and safety, which most cats like. You may want to bring the kitty home first to observe his behavior, then choose a bed accordingly.

7. Toys

Finally, cats of all ages like to play and scratch especially kittens. They also enjoy high places. A cat tree can provide a nice perch. Often, tall trees come with scratching posts built-in. Try a variety of toys. Even household items like string will do. Play a couple of times each day for socialization and bonding.

These items are the essential cat supplies you will need. You can always add to your collection and make adjustments as needed.

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