Easy Tips for Bathing Your Dog at Home

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Giving your pet a bath is surely not the easiest job in the world. No matter how good a bond you have, when it comes to showering, they won’t leave the spot or hide behind the curtains. Is it especially a hassle for new owners? So, how do you deal with it? Before you shop for grooming accessories from the Best Pet Online Store in India, let’s first get an understanding of your pet’s health and hygiene.

How frequently should dogs take a bath?

We all love our little furry bundle of joy, and it falls under our responsibility to take care of their health and well-being. But a lack of knowledge can pose a threat to your dog. For example, many people believe that dogs do not need to take a bath regularly. While it was advised to limit baths to avoid shedding and dry skin, new research shows that regular baths can help fend off bacterial and fungal infections, reducing itchiness. Nowadays, veterinarians recommend a weekly bath over a bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

On that note, you should also remember to maintain your pet’s dental hygiene. Have you ever smelled that funky smell whenever you cuddle your dog? Not taking proper care of your dog’s teeth can lead to bad breath, discolored teeth, gum infections, and even tooth loss. Try to brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week to keep plaque and tartar buildup under control. You can buy a wide range of pet grooming accessories in India at Pink Paws.

Now that you’ve got a grasp of the importance of grooming, let’s take a look at some handy tips to bathe your pet:

Tips for bathing your dog

Finding the right shampoo for your dog’s coat and skin sensitivity

First things first, if you’re planning to clean your pet’s coat, don’t ever use the shampoo you use for your pets. They contain different formulations and harsh cleansers that can irritate your dog’s skin. Consult your vet to determine the most suitable shampoo for your furry friend, as each product has a specific pH balance tailored to different coat types. Even if you can’t find the product in a local store, you can buy it from any online pet shop in India.

Dogs have thinner skin and lack the acidic mantle like us that protects our skin from infections, making them more prone to skin issues. Therefore, using the appropriate shampoo is essential for maintaining their skin health. If you’re using a new product, apply it in a small area. If you suspect your dog has developed an infection, familiarize yourself with the symptoms and remedies for prompt action.

Protecting your dog’s ears during bath time

Many pet owners overlook this crucial step, but it’s vital for preventing ear infections. Excess moisture in your dog’s ears can disrupt the pH balance, leading to bacterial or yeast infections. To prevent water from entering the ears, consider using a disposable dog wash shower cap, a cone, or cotton balls. Place them gently at the ear canal’s entrance, ensuring not to insert them deeply. Also, make sure to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears with a towel after each bath.

Pre-bath grooming routine

Before bathing, brush your dog’s coat to remove tangles and mats, so you can reach every corner when using shampoo. This simple step will leave your furry friend’s coat fluffy and clean. For long-haired breeds, detangle mats before bathing, as they become more challenging to manage when wet. If your pet feels too anxious, you can give them toys and accessories shopped from pet stores in India.

Choosing the perfect bathing spot

Consider a bathing spot that’s convenient for both you and your dog, such as a corner of the tub. Use an anti-slip mat to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding during the bath. Also, rather than using cold water, you can use lukewarm water to get rid of dirt, grease, and mud stains effectively.

Drying your dog after a bath

Drying your pet’s coat is as important as giving it a shower. You can start drying off your dog with the face first and then move down to the neck, the body, and the tail. Dry the lower parts of the body, especially the paw area, where most of the water would have trickled down, using a microfiber towel. It’ll make sure the water is absorbed thoroughly without the towel getting too soppy, and it also helps to avoid fungal infections.

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