Boosting Your Dog’s Immunity: Solutions to Better Health

boosting dog immunity

But if it’s not working well, your dog can get sick easily. Some foods that are processed have a lot of stuff in them that can be bad for your dog, like starches, fillers, and harmful chemicals. These can cause problems like tummy issues, itchy skin, or allergies. So, the next time you buy online dog and cat food supplies in India, be careful to pick ones that are good for your dog’s health.

Aside from that, things like how your dog feels, the sleep time, the exercise routine, etc. can affect its immune system. To keep your dog healthy, it’s important to know about these things and how to make them better.

Here are a few steps to help you make the right choice for improving your dog’s immunity:

Make the right meal choices

Most of us give our dogs the same food every day. We usually pick a type of dog food from the vet, pet store, or grocery store and stick with it. Sometimes, we add other foods like leftovers from our own meals, fresh fruits and veggies, or scraps while we’re cooking. Occasionally, we might be told to choose specific foods for our dog’s health or age, like puppy or senior dog food. But according to vets, every day, a dog should eat a mix of good-quality meat or eggs for protein, omega-3 fats from fish, a variety of vegetables, and some nutrient-rich whole foods. So, when shopping for dog and cat food supplies in India from your local pet store or online, make sure to pick brands that are clinically tested and nutritious.

Give your dog supplements if needed

Sometimes, just regular food isn’t enough, especially if your dog is getting over an illness. That’s when you need to add supplements to your pet’s meals. You can choose one that’s easy for your dog to eat. However, make sure to consult with your vet. There are lots of options now, like pills, powders, and even probiotic treats. Consider the side effects and choose what is best for you.

Keep your dog active with regular exercise

Dogs and cats have lots of energy, and if they don’t use it up, they might start causing trouble and could get sick more often. Depending on which breed you have, your dog can run around and play with other dogs at the park or chase after a ball. Even teaching them to obey commands is a way to keep them active. Exercise with your pet is fun for everyone in the family and helps you all get closer to your pet. So, make sure your dog gets moving with activities like walking, running, playing fetch, swimming, and other fun games. If you can’t go outside, then shop for pet toys and accessories online from Pink Paws in India. The right kinds of exercise also help keep your dog’s muscles and joints strong.

Calm your dog

It’s common for your dog to get stressed sometimes. But if they get stressed too much, it can cause lasting issues with their behaviour, like feeling anxious. Dogs show how they feel a lot, so you can learn a tonne by watching how they act and move. If your dog is anxious, they might breathe fast, walk back and forth, shake, drool, keep away from you, or hide. Keep an eye on your dog so they feel calmer and more relaxed. There are lots of reasons why your dog might feel anxious, such as moving to a new place, loud noises, being alone, or being apart from you. Doing stuff together, like playing or going for walks, can help your dog feel less stressed. Spend quality time with your furry friend so they feel more assured.

Don’t forget grooming

Taking care of your pet’s health is important. For dogs with long coats, it can get all tangled up and make a big mess. Plus, dogs can get stinky breath, and their teeth can start rotting. But don’t worry; you can help by brushing your pet, cutting their nails, brushing their teeth, and giving them a bath every now and then. This helps them feel cosy and comfy. Also, you should check if they have any skin issues or if fleas are bothering them. Buy pet grooming products in India from Pink Paws and keep your furry buddy happy and relaxed.