Rising Trend Of On Demand Multi Service App Like Gojek In Malaysia

Every Entrepreneur dreams of owning an App like Gojek because it helps you make easy and quick money in the shortest period possible! It is bejeweled with Progressive and Ingenious features and what makes it an irresistible deal is that the Customer can shop anything and everything right at one place! This is why the Powerful Gojek like App is selling like hot cakes! It has radically transformed the lives of many laymen and made them the first Millionaires of their respective families.


Booking Taxi Rides, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, Getting Parcels couriered within the city to Single or Multiple Destinations, Hiring a Personal Shopper to run errands on behalf of the App User.

Availing Services such as Classic Car Wash, Handymen, Beauticians on-demand and Maids. Scheduling an appointment with a Doctor, Masseuse, Academic Personal Tutor and Yoga Instructors. Getting Television Sets and Mobile Phones repaired at home, Doorstep Delivery of Medicines and Stationeries and so much more. 


Commission Based Business Model

The App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed through the App. The Services Providers are obligated to pay a certain percentage of the Revenue generated per Order to the App Owner as Commission. And these Commission Rates differ based on the genre of the Service offered. But who has the authority to decide these Rates? Obviously, the App Owner!

Subscription Plans

This Business Model completely eliminates the need for the Service Providers to pay Commission per Order to the App Owner. Instead, these Service Providers have to make a One-Time Payment to buy any one of the many Subscription Plans curated by the App Owner. These Subscription Plans differ in their Validity Periods and Expiration Dates! Once the Service Provider has bought the Plan, one can actively render Services to as many people as one wants without feeling the pinch of giving away a big chunk of the earnings to the App Owner per Order!


Instant Taxi Booking using iWatch

The App Users can now book Taxi Rides using their Apple Smart-Watches. They can even pay online using the In-App Wallet or Card through the iWatch! This feature is futuristic and so practical in nature! All that the User has to do is to connect one’s personal Apple Smart-Watch with the iPhone 11! Later just ensure that there is a constant Wi-Fi Connectivity to both the Smart-Gadgets. Now download the Taxi Booking iWatch App on the Smart-Watch and automatically a Riders’ App will get installed on the iPhone. That’s it! You are ready to book Taxi Rides at Lightning Speed!

Selfie with the Face Mask on for the Taxi Drivers 

In Compliance with the World Health Organizations’ Covid Safety Guidelines, the App Owner had introduced this new feature wherein Taxi Drivers have to first a Click a Selfie with the Face Mask On and upload it on the App for Admin’s Approval. The App Owner then logs into the Admin Panel to verify the Face Mask Status and allows the Taxi Driver to start the Ride! 

OTP Verification for Service Providers

Service Providers have to punch in a Numeric Four-Digit OTP Number before they can Start the Task. This adds another layer of security! The OTP is sent to the registered mobile number and Email ID of the Service Providers. This step is mandatory for certain On-Demand Services such as Taxi Booking, Car Wash, Beauticians, Masseuse, Doctors and Food & Grocery Delivery just to name a handful of them!


Gojek Clone App is built for only visionary Entrepreneurs like you! What are you waiting for? Get in touch with CubeTaxi right this moment, go through their Demo Apps and place an order with them only when you are completely satisfied that it is the Perfect Gojek like App that you were looking for. CubeTaxi will launch your App in just within a weeks’ time and you’d be earning Profits from Day 1.

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