5 Places for Your Next Family Reunion

    Kiawah Island Golf Resort

    Family and vacation are the two things people have missed a lot due to the pandemic. Now that some restrictions have been lifted, this is the perfect time to combine the two and end up with an epic family reunion. If this is something you would wish to try, here are the five best places for your next family reunion.

    1. Mohonk Mountain House

    Have you ever been on a 2,200-acre property just to have a great time with your loved ones? That is what you get when you choose Mohonk Mountain House as your ideal reunion spot. You want to spend time in a National Historic Landmark with a design that looks like the Victorian castle. Mohonk Mountain House is located in New Paltz, New York.

    Kiawah Island Golf Resort

    Whether your event will occur in the summer or winter, this location will always have something mind-blowing for you. In summer, horseback riding, hiking, swimming in a lake, or bike riding are the most common activities. But it is not all about summer since you can still go snowshoeing in the winter or do some snow tubing and ice-skating.

    2. Kiawah Island Golf Resort

    Not everyone wants a vacation that involves putting on lots of gear and spending time outside. If you are into golf and beaches, then this is your ideal spot. The Kiawah Island Golf Resort is one unique island with 10 miles of sand. It is located in South Carolina and receives guests from different places in the country.

    If you like, you can walk around, build sandcastles, and go bicycling. There are lots of things you can do at the beach with your loved ones. If you want to take things a notch higher, you can do some alligator-hunting or try kayaking or ocean seining.

    3. The Greenbrier

    Think about anything you would like to do with your loved ones during a family reunion. Di you want to try some outdoor picnics and swimming, or bowling and billiards? Horseback riding and hiking can still be fun, especially when you have some young, energetic family members. You can get these things when you choose The Greenbrier as your ideal reunion spot.

    They also have a bed in the breakfast package, and you won’t even break the bank to have a great time. The Greenbrier is a National Historic Landmark that sits on a 6,500-acre property and contains 721 rooms that include guest cottages. This also implies that it is not the right spot for those looking for a cute tiny place for cozy evenings.

    4. RiverStone Resort & Spa

    This is the best place for grown-ups looking for spots to have as much fun as possible. They have barbeques and picnic tables to spice up your visit. If you are looking for a unique, exciting family resort, then you should consider trying RiverStone Resort & Spa. Regardless of your age and lifestyle, this is a place that you will love.

    You will get condos with as many as four bedrooms, and they are modernly furnished. Each family room is packed with amenities that are enough for up to ten individuals. In the resort, you can get additional services such as trips to nearby tourist attractions.

    5. Hawks Nest State Park

    If you are searching for one of the best parks for a family reunion, then the Hawks Nest State Park is worth your time. The place is full of a lot of tourist attractions and fun activities to take part in. There are lots of restaurants and hotels around, and they serve both local and exotic meals just to spice up your stay.

    The national park is located in West Virginia and receives lots of tourists from different parts of the country. You can have fun doing things like skating, swimming, fishing, skiing, etc. Just make sure to plan your visit ahead of time and choose the best, affordable apartments for you and your loved ones.

    Closing Thoughts

    Planning family reunions is one of the most daunting things. But if you have this guide, you won’t struggle to choose the most suitable spot for your next reunion. Most of them provide amazing packages at affordable rates, but you still need to stick to your budget even if you find out that most things are inexpensive at the spot of your choice.


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