Morning Desert Safari -Witness a Magical Sunrise at the Dunes

The major stopover for tourists -Dubai is the marvel of UAE. Beyond its cityside limelight, there lies a serene panorama in the southern region. Desert safari Dubai like all other adventurists, also attracted us and we packed up for a visit. To save our time to explore the rest of Dubai, the management of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us a morning safari. It sounded great to us so we sealed the deal with an awesome group of people and went on to explore the Arabian dunes.

In the following listing, I am gonna mention the blissful bringings of a morning desert safari in Dubai. This will also cover our amazing venture to the dunes of Dubai during the dawn.

A Magical Morning in a Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Sunrise Bliss 

The dawn at the barren displays mesmerizing beauty as if bound by an occult. Nature portrays its intriguing colors in full swing while the sunrise. Welcome the new sun right from your campsite and feel a spark of gratitude inside you. The flying birds, rare wildlife, pristine desert, and floating hot air balloons in the sky. All this depicts the aesthetic beauty of this nomadic landscape.

I remember the moment when we were trying to click some group photos when the photographer of Happy Adventures Tourism stopped by and clicked our super cool snaps. The morning panorama behind our crazy poses looked like heaven for real!

  1. Dune Bashing and Quad Biking

The insane dune activities are not new to the adventurist. Thrill-seekers from all over the world choose a desert safari in Dubai as their ultimate destination. The reasons are its dare devilish ambiance along with fascinating sports. The SUVs are considered as the roller coasters of the dune arena. I and the squad grabbed a land cruiser along with the host of Happy Adventures Tourism and experienced the hell of a ride.

Quad bikes, hummers, dune buggies, and other 4x4s are driven by expert off-road licensed drivers. They make enthralling yet safe moves across the high-end peaks of the terrain. Thereby, make a 4×4 ride super fascinating. 

  1. Camel Safari

Unwind the door to unrevealed discoveries of the marshy plains. Bless your eyes with some unseen displays of nature without getting tired at all. There is no need to obsessing over how you’d cover the hugely spread sand sea. The ship of the desert would do it for you! Camels are the heritage rides of this region and are considered as the royal rides of old Arabs.

Want to explore the marshy habitat wildlife? Grab a camel. Go beyond the high dunes? Grab a camel. Want to save your feet from an ache? Grab a camel! A camel ride in any case gets you super covered at the terrain. 

  1. SandBoarding

Sandboarding is a popular and exclusive activity in Dubai. You can surf the high red dunes of Arabia on a wooden board while embracing its welcoming breezes. Sandboarding is a balancing skill. You need to follow a set of instructions and practice according to the balancing techniques. Only then you can surf smoothly across the highs and lows of the terrain. 

Sand surfing in the morning is quite a cherishable experience. As you are safe from the scorching sun. Also, the chilling wind of the barren appears so pleasing to a surfer. 

  1. Refreshments & Breakfast

The morning delight at the dunes also brings happiness to your taste buds. We were presented with an opulent breakfast by the hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism in that nomad’s home. Consume the sips of refreshing drinks along with the morning snacks. The serving of dates with Arabian coffee is a unique welcoming style of the natives. 

Get rejuvenated after the enthralling dune activities. Have unlimited access to soft drinks, mocktails, mineral water, and other refreshments. This will surely add up more delight to your blissful morning in a desert safari.

  1. Colors of Arabia

If you want to observe the fullest colors of Arabian culture, visit its majestic desert. Amusing activities are going on at the colorful campsites. Women and kids get attracted to henna painting. While men get delighted wearing kandura dresses and capturing themselves with the national birds.

Falconry is the heritage hunting method of Arabs in which they train their pet falcons to lure and swoop in the sand. The colorful campsites and cultural activities add high spirits to the ongoing festivity at the Arabian terrain.


So this was all about our daybreak to the conservation reserve of Dubai. Our venture to the Arabian dunes couldn’t be more happening than we got along with the team of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The dunes reflect ethereal beauty at all times of the day. But a morning mojo at the national ranch of Dubai is something which can only be understood by naming one morning of your life to it. Whether you go for thrilling sand sports or to camp friends. The Arabian desert spreads mysticism, joy, and gratitude in every case.

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