Different Swimming Techniques One Must Try According to Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer?

arjun muralidharan swimmer

Swimming is an activity that is not just restricted to floating in the water. It is an essential skill that can actually keep you healthy and active and save your life too. In case you want to give wings to your career in this sport, you can enroll in the Bluewater Sports Academy to learn different types of tactics and techniques from Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer. In addition to general or normal swimming, you will get training to compete in various competitions. If you are still not sure about the benefits, then you will be amazed to know that swimming is an outstanding therapeutic activity. Joining the same can keep you happy and healthy.

Do you know that swimming has several techniques that you can learn? To find out more about the same, keep on reading.

Reasons to learn swimming, as per Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer

Before enrolling for swimming lessons, you will surely want to know the top reasons to join it. The benefits of swimming are plenty. You can enroll in professional classes to maintain your fitness, prepare for competitions, and ensure water safety. In addition to this, you can have endless fun and enjoy pool parties after learning to swim.

You can also get trained to perform different styles and strokes to showcase your expertise in it. Above all benefits, swimming is an outstanding method to keep you healthy both mentally and physically. It can reduce stress as well as help you shed some extra kilos. However, choosing the right academy and trainer is a must to extract the maximum outcomes from it.

Top techniques to learn in swimming lessons

If you ask a professional such as Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer, he will tell you that several types of styles and techniques are there that one can learn. Whether you need it for fun purposes or want to gain it for a career, multiple options are there that you can explore.

Below, we have highlighted some of the top and popular options that you can learn:

  • Freestyle

Undeniably, it is one of the most common styles. Freestyle is the technique that you learn first after joining professional training. In professional terms, it is called a ‘first crawl’ because you just lie down on your stomach and start fluttering your arms just like the windmill to swim. You can swim for longer if you know freestyle because it is considered a less exhausting method of swimming.

  • Breaststroke

This is somewhat like the freestyle but slightly different. For example, you will be swimming from the front (stomach) by fluttering your arms at the same time. But in freestyle, your hands move just like a windmill but in breaststroke, you will be making a half circle to swim and move forward. In addition to this, you will also need to bend the legs slightly to kick and proper further. If you want to add swimming as a fitness regimen, then it is the best technique to learn.

  • Backstroke

Do you want to make your back stronger? If yes, then you will be suggested to try backstroke by the Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer. This style is as similar to the freestyle but the only difference is that you do it on your back. You will be fluttering the arms in the same windmill motion along with the legs to move forward. You can stay fit and happy through this swimming technique.

  • Butterfly

This is indeed the most popular technique of swimming. As the name suggests, you will need to swim just like a butterfly. This means you will need to bring the arms above the head to propel yourself forward. Even though it is quite a challenging technique, you can compete even in the Olympics by learning this technique.

  • Lap style

This style is all about completing laps. In simple terms, you swim from one side to another in the swimming pool. If you truly want to become a pro swimmer and are willing to represent your nation in the Olympics and other prestigious titles, then you should perform lap style daily. Needless to say, lap style offers a myriad of health benefits and keeps you happy and stress-free.

Find the best swimming lessons

Do you want to learn to swim professionally? No matter what your age is, you can visit the Bluewater Sports Academy to meet and learn from highly dedicated and certified professionals. For instance, you will get a chance to get trained by Arjun Muralidharan Swimmer – a popular name in this segment. He knows everything about this sport. Hence, he will help you obtain your swimming goals and perform on national and international levels. To find out more about the academy as well as the swimming coaches, you can also visit the website. Or, you can simply head to the academy and meet the trainers in person to discuss all your swimming needs better.