Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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    The world has witnessed a significant inclination in the usage of ?Post-PC? products i.e. Handy Gadgets, Smartphones & Tablets in the last two decades. A recent survey also indicates that about 70% of the world?s population owns a smartphone. But, have you ever wondered, why these mobile have been named ?Smart?? Well, the primary reason is that they can host the application. Today, we use a certain mobile application for every other thing that we want to do; and that?s because these applications are serving as the primary means and purpose for every business nowadays. 

    According to another recent search, more than 80% of mobile device users commonly search online for a particular product or service; however, 26% of them search for a particular mobile applicant that is available related to that specific offering. This indicates the significance of having a mobile application for business because having an online presence for your business through a Website or a Mobile Application can help you leave a great impression for your business.

    Now, you might wonder that you don?t need a mobile app because you have a small business and also a loyal customer base. But, the strategy was only valid in the past. Today, you need to have a strong online presence to earn business and customer loyalty and to be future-ready. And, for that having a website and mobile application are the two most important sources. Today, businesses, all across the world are investing in getting interactive, responsive, and informative mobile applications; to stay at the fingertips of their potential and regular customers. If you are still not convinced, then you need to know about the following 7 reasons which explain why your business needs a personalized mobile application.

    Increased Brand Visibility to Your Customers All the Times

    A study suggests that a person spends approximately 162 minutes on his smartphone; of which 90% of his times are spent on using different mobile applications. However, to access these applications, a person is required to unlock his smartphone, scroll through the menu, swipe right or left, or search for the particular app. Now, here a bit of the science is involved. According to scientists, our brain records every text and image we go through, unconsciously? which means that having your mobile application amid scrolling tends to increase your brand visibility; while helping your business to grow. Once your app has been successfully developed, you can keep on adding various promotional offers to it, to keep your customers engaged.

    Foster Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty is one of the most important reasons, your business needs a mobile application. A mobile application allows a business to communicate directly to its potential and existing customer base. Ads, promotions, and in-app purchases can put a significant impact on customers as compared to social media ads, roadside banners, and email marketing; as they tend to see them more often due to frequent usage of smartphones.

    Better interaction with customers helps to foster brand loyalty. Starbucks is giving some serious goals when creating and cultivate customer brand loyalty. Their mobile application offers a unique system of star points, which rewards its customers whenever he visits the nearby Starbucks outlet. These start can be converted into rewards, and this is the motivation that pushes the customer to stay loyal to the brand and keep coming back to their store and make purchases.

    Better Recognition of the Brand

    Every business wants its brand to brand to be recalled as the first thing when a customer potentially thinks of a certain product or service. A mobile app can extensively help you with this, as it plays a significant role in creating and improving brand awareness among the customers. One thing that you must do, is to include all the features in your mobile application that your users will love. Secondly, you will also need promotions and in-app promotions to keep your customer engaged. The more engaged your customer is, the more are the chances are to buy your product/service.

    Serve as A Direct Marketing Channel

    The methods of old marketing methods are long gone. Now, you don?t any print brochures or appoint any salesman to market your brand through hoardings, or to make your customers aware of your business services. Having a mobile application can do that for your business. Be it booking form, information, newsfeed, accounts, or anything, a mobile app can have features for all of them. This allows you to direct your potential customer to the predetermined information including ads and promotions. The feature of push notifications helps you remind your customers about the products or services while also making them aware of the offer, whenever needed.

    Elevated Profits

    Everybody knows that the satisfaction of your customer is directly proportional to your sales. This means that your sales typically increase when your customer satisfaction increases. Being said that, we all know that majority of the people are connected to the internet through their mobile devices. Getting a responsive website developed that is adaptive to any screen size has become a must for every business nowadays. However, if you launch a personalized mobile application for your business, you will witness an exceptional rise in your profits and sales. Take an example of Domino?s Pizza App. Domino?s witnessed a remarkable rise of 28% in their sales in the UK during the first six months, as soon as they launch their mobile application with the delivery, order placement, and in-store pickup features. And, at present, their mobile application accounts for over 52% of their total orders.

    Improved Accessibility

    It seems almost impossible to simultaneously reach your target audience located at various places. Having a mobile application for your business allows you to have greater exposure to your audience at a given moment of time through mobile devices and internet connectivity. Alongside, you can also send push notifications and discount offers to your customer anytime you want. Sending push notifications to your customers encourage your customer to visit the app, check out the offered deals/discount/promotional offers; that might end up visiting the nearby store and finally making a purchase. 

    Upgraded Customer Service

    We all know that customer service is the most important thing for a business. Strategies like hiring a smiling salesman to greet and resolve customer issues are so past now. Mobile apps have changed the entire game of customer services for business, taking it to the next level. Wondering why is that so? Over a billion people across the world have mobile devices in their arms all the time.


    In sum, a mobile app won?t save your business, however, it can make your business ready for the future. Not only this, but a mobile app can also help your brand to secure a strong presence and position in the industry. However, building a mobile application that serves the right purpose for your business is not everyone?s cup of tea. You need to excel in several coding languages and development skills. For an effective and amazing mobile application, you should consult a specialized mobile app development company. For further assistance and guidance click here.

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