6 Best Sight Word Apps For Android In 2020

    word apps for android

    Our ancestors’ life must have been tough, as everything was done by hand or tools that were not efficient enough. As we all know that “creativity is as important as literacy.”

    In today’s machinery world, we all face unbearable pressure due to cut-throat competition in education. Due to the arrival of these advanced, complex machinery inbuild technologies, the world has taken a paradigm shift. 

    Today we need to enhance our reading, writing skills by using “Sight Word Apps.” Since we all know, “it is easier to land a man on the moon than to change the school system” due to which the sophisticated, erudite sect of society empowers itself in modern times.

    Android is an open-source system and with more user availability. Hence to start your journey to dazzle your conceptualization, working, and perseverance, we introduce you to the “Six Best Sight Word Apps In 2020″ for android users to cater to the need of empowering children of 2020”.


    Here at number one, we list Dolch Coach. It ensures age-appropriate and educational understanding among young children. As it is vibrant, so it is likely expected to attract your kid towards itself. Also, it is easy to catch up with.

    This fun game covers all 5 levels of Dolch sight words and makes most study time. It provides frequently used English language words, approximately 20 to 70 percent of non-technical text.

    Some of its prominent features are:

    • Its add free and colorful
    • It is simple, and interface design is easy to learn
    • Allows adding an unlimited number of words to any custom list.


    When we pick fun games and applications for preschoolers, there is no doubt that Sight Words Learning Games would not be on the list. It is a proven education sight words reading program for kids (AGE:2- 7).

    It is an award-winning learning app with over 40,00,000 kids estimated to be loving and learning with it.

    Some of its prominent features are:

    • Provided six games of different categories 
    • Avatar selections
    • Its a subway to best scores

        Apart from the above mentioned, the app is filled with more features for kids.


    Kids Sight Words is the newest addition to our “Reading Games For Kids” series.

    Make sure you are not using your smartphone as an easy way to keep your child quiet at a store, in a mall, in a car, or other circumstances. This app provides you to keep your child engaged in this beautiful application instead of depending on a quick distraction. 

    The app covers 5 levels of vocabulary needed for a child to learn and ponder upon. It delights children through fun and innovative ways to help in developing his/her minds towards the righteous path instead of a solitary distraction.

    Some of its prominent features are:

    • Identification of correct sight words
    • Recognition of common words
    • Improvement of reading skills and fluency


    Since your children are likely to be a part of this generation, this app will certainly an avenue for learning and development. However, many other apps and the features that this app can provide to nurture necessary educational skills among kids to foster and broaden their understanding by improving their language skills. This game is the first game that is based on the 5 steps of learning how to spell.

    Some of its prominent features are:

    • It uses 1st and 2nd-grade level words
    • Provides flexibility of languages[U.K./U.S.An (English) And others.
    • It is interactive and based on a powerful concept. 


    This app is just a piece of cake when it comes to learning. With the help of this excellent app, your child can learn reading in no time. Instead of making your child pushy towards unconstructive mobile applications, make them nosy towards this app and its salient features. This app improves the ability to do a visual analysis of various patterns and boost your child’s performance in their classroom.

    Some of its prominent features are:

    • Learn to identify repeating patterns
    • Compare numbers, which are a critical skill
    • Advancing and expanding in maths 


    Lastly, securing its spot on our list is the Endless Reader. This app also enhances the ability to visually analyze that counts an essential and unique skill among children. Exposure to this app develops your child’s psychology and skills like communication and social.

    Some salient features of this app are a lot similar to the other apps mentioned above. Kids will have an everlasting, joyful experience encountering and discovering this beneficial app for them.

    Some of its prominent features are:

    • Teaches definition and usage
    • Compounds to recognition of words
    • It is interactive and fun to learn

    I hope you check out these precious apps so that you supervise your children to explore, wonder, and expand through these favorable sight word apps that several profound impacts on the way your child feels, thinks, and observes. 


    Ignoring the adverse effects of extensive exposure to technology ensures a better future of your child by using these apps and limiting and pushing them closer towards the education of modern ways to iterate your kid to a safe and vibrant future jubilant.

    If you want to know more, these Best Apps as given by WordUnscramblerz would help. Immaculate them towards the righteous and straight direction leading to their struggle and success.

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