Benefits of Professional Movers for Your Piano?

    professional movers

    Moving a piano by yourself is an impossible task. Pianos are heavy pieces of equipment, with grand pianos weighing from 500 lbs. to 1,200 lbs. depending on make and model. Pianos are also extremely expensive, so its safety should be of prime importance when moving it.

    To avoid disastrous results and injuries, you should consider hiring professional piano movers who have the proper equipment and expertise to safely move your piano to its new location. Professional piano movers will ensure that your instrument doesn?t get broken during the move.

    Why You Should Hire Professional Piano Movers

    It saves money

    A common misconception about hiring professional piano movers is that it?s expensive. While this is partially true, hiring the pros can actually save you more money. Piano movers have the right tools and equipment for the job, and will safely pack your piano for transport. This reduces the risk of damaging your piano and the costs for repairing it — or even buying a new piano.

    It saves time

    Moving a piano especially from state-to-state can be a stressful experience. It will demand most of your time and energy just to coordinate moving trucks. Professional piano movers take care of everything, from packing your piano to unloading it at its destination.

    It safeguards your property

    There?s always a risk that comes with DIY moves. You might bump your piano into a wall, drop it on your tiled floors, destroy your precious belongings, and more. Professional piano movers know how to protect your piano and properties from potentially dangerous situations. They?re experts at packing and will make sure that your beloved instrument is in one piece.

    It keeps you safe

    Lifting a piano by yourself and without the proper equipment can cause major physical injuries such as a thrown-out back. When moving a piano, consider the safety issues first — especially if you?re moving it up a flight of stairs or through a narrow corridor. No one wants their toes to get squished or their backs to break.

    They know your piano

    The piano is a sensitive instrument. Experienced piano movers understand the inner workings of your piano and will do everything in their power to keep your instrument safe. They are familiar with the different types of pianos, which means they know exactly how to create custom moving strategies for your particular piano.

    Moving Tips For Easy Move Relocation

    • Items that are heavy must be placed in small boxes and wrapped every corner in order to avoid scratching.
    • Always protect your back and stop bending over in the wrong way. Organizes all small items first and then start packing into boxes.
    • Safety always comes first. Don?t overload boxes and always close them with secure tape.
    • Protect your plant by wrapping them easily with flexible materials and then put them in a suitable box.


    Moving a piano is a complicated task that should be left to the professionals. They?re heavy, sensitive, and expensive. Professional piano movers can offer you peace of mind as they move your piano to its new home.

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