10 Essay Writing Problems that Students Often Face

    Students writing problems

    It?s no secret that students have to write different types of essays. This is a compulsory demand for every school, college, and university throughout the globe. Each type has its own special purpose, which helps to reveal the talents of students to the fullest. Unfortunately, many students fail this important test. There are certain problems, which complicate the process of writing and we?ll highlight them.

    As many youngsters fail, they actively seek methods to handle their complications. One of such methods is to use the professional assistance of a trustworthy student essay writing service such as SmartWritingService.com. Online writing companies easily solve all essay-related issues quickly and effectively. Thus, students receive the highest grades for their academic essays. Nonetheless, you have all the chances to manage your complications without anybody?s help. Sometimes it?s only necessary to realize the common problems of essay writing. Let?s cast some light on them.

    Problems with the Beginning

    A good beginning is half of success. This statement is especially relevant to people who have problems with beginning their projects. They don?t know what topic to highlight, where to get information, how to outline and structure their essays, etc.

    To overcome the issue, read special books, guides, and tutorials. Consult your academic supervisor or ask friends to help. A small push may be all you need.

    Choosing the Wrong Topic

    Some students fail at once because they aren?t able to choose an adequate topic. They choose the issues, which have been already studied many times or the ones with zero relevance to the audience. Remember that your topic should concentrate on a fresh issue or the old one, which doesn?t have clear solutions. Describe the issue from an uncommon angle and try to find an appropriate solution.

    Weak Theses

    The ?heart? of every scientific assignment is definitely a thesis statement. It?s a single (sometimes two) sentence, which plainly clarifies the main purpose of research. Students fail to write a strong and clear thesis. As a result, they lose many important grades. You should read essay samples and request professional writing assistance to figure out how to craft strong theses.

    A Lack of Time

    Time is one of the things, which cannot be stopped. Every assignment has a strict deadline with no right to the violation. Many folks have pretty weak time management skills and the consequences are catastrophic. Firstly, students begin to panic and it works against critical and logical thinking. Secondly, their essays are irrational, boring and/or irrelevant. Thirdly, the deadlines are typically violated. Fourthly, students get disappointed and receive great stress. Obligatorily improve your time management skills to optimize the process of writing.

    Inadequate Voice

    Many students use inappropriate voice in their essays. Most essays should be written in an objective, third-person voice. Unfortunately, many writers take some topics too personally and use the first-person perspective. Consequently, their opinions are rather subjective and aren?t always correct.

    Incorrect Citations and References

    Every scientifically-based assignment must be based on your opinion and the works and developments of other researchers. When a writer uses the words of another expert, he/she must use citations. Besides, it?s demanded to mention all the literary and scientific works in the list of references, which is commonly given at the end of an essay.

    As there are multiple writing formats (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.), it confuses students. They cannot memorize all those slight details and differences. Thus, they plagiarize and make serious mistakes that cost multiple grades.

    Grammatical Issues

    Another typical complication related to essay writing is grammar. Students make many grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. This happens when students have poor grammar skills or lack the time and have to skip the stages of editing and proofreading.

    Wrong Lexicon

    The choice of language is crucial and many folks fail it. They choose the lexicon that doesn?t belong to the topic, timeframe, and discipline. Students misuse technical terms, jargon, slang, etc.

    Complications with Readability

    Another error that spoils essays is unreadability. Students misuse the passive voice, ignore grammar rules, write lengthy sentences, cram many issues into a single paragraph, don?t divide the writing sections, etc. Consequently, it?s difficult to read and comprehend such texts.

    Fear of Failure

    Almost every person is afraid of making mistakes. Luckily, most people are stress-resistant and accept their failure. On the other hand, there are many youngsters who are terribly afraid to write a poor essay. This fear gets full control over them and it?s almost impossible to write a logical and unique paper. You have to let go of all your fears and focus on the positive aspects. Don?t worry, practice and improve your skills.

    Keep these points in your memory. Knowing the typical essay writing problems, you?ll successfully avoid them. Find and apply efficient methods to solve your problems and you?ll receive the highest grades for every essay type you?re assigned.

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