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Technology has seen huge growth in the last few years. The latest advancement in this field is Cloud-based technology. The need for a large amount of storage arose when data began to grow rapidly, and as a solution to this, companies worldwide are now storing their data and applications in cloud-based management software

According to a report, more than 60% of businesses make use of cloud-based technology across the world.

Construction management is a complex field to work in for project managers. Traditional methods do not work effectively in scenarios where job complexities are on the rise. Cloud-based construction project management software is now in the spotlight for providing solutions to a number of burning issues in the field of construction management at present. A recent study shows that scheduling issues, inefficient work processes, lack of team alignment, and maintaining a healthy client relationship are difficult without the presence of construction management software. Most of them provide a free demonstration before buying them, so you can see if it works well for you. You can test whether the construction management software you have chosen is the right fit, or you need to go for a different solution.

If your construction business has disorganized and hectic projects that do not encourage a collaborative environment or if you fear documents of being misplaced or lost, a cloud-based project management software for construction can be the necessary tool you need. This way, project managers can have a platform to increase collaboration and communication between teams without having to worry about data being lost. Moreover, team members can share documents and ideas on a single platform without switching between different tools.

What is meant by Cloud-based project management?

Cloud-based online project management software for construction enables planning, organizing, monitoring, and delivering construction projects efficiently. It allows project managers and their teams to get tasks completed with the help of in-built tools rather than using traditional ways, because, in a construction project, a lot of things happen at once. If not managed properly, it could get complicated quickly.

Benefits of cloud-based construction management software

Ease of access

The biggest advantage that cloud-based project management software provides is the ease of access to the information. Regardless of the time and place, project managers and their teams can access the necessary information with the help of a mobile device or desktop that has a connection to the internet. It is safe to say that this software provides you with all the information on your fingertips. You do not need to be linked to workplace servers or platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, or Ubuntu, to name a few. Thereby enabling flexibility in accessing all the information you need from anywhere in the world.

Construction companies have to deal with humongous data on a routine basis and buying storage space for this data is a very expensive affair. However, cloud-based project management software is cost-effective. Businesses do not have to spend millions on the purchase of servers or additional storage.

Cloud-based construction management software also provides high-quality customer service and technical support to its users. It is a technology that is worth the investment.

Improved collaboration

Project managers can improve collaboration in the team with the help of a cloud-based online project management software for construction. These in-built tools are designed with an aim to improve collaboration by increasing the efficiency of centralized communication and the sharing of documents. This, in turn, increases the productivity of the team effectively.

For example, PlanStreet is a project management software that provides project managers and their teams with a platform that encourages effective communication, collaboration, and document sharing. Thereby increasing the quality of work delivered.

Low maintenance technology

Cloud-based project management software is not just effective; they are also low maintenance, which means you do not have to spend a lot of money on them. In case any issue arises that is related to version upgrades or challenges, vendors can easily take care of them and provide you with timely assistance.

Secure and reliable

The major benefit of cloud-based project management software is to keep information and documents stored, and in order to effectively do this, they undergo quite a lot of security tests. They are secure and reliable. Cloud-based project management software consists of data segregation and SSL certificates that are used by various vendors to keep the user?s data private and safe. Even in case of a theft, you can simply log in from another device and change the password for the safety of your data.

Enables web-based interactions

Businesses today are greatly influenced by technology, and it is virtually impossible to run a business without it being able to run across different platforms. Cloud-based project management software allows web-based integrations on a centralized platform for its users. This means that users can switch between tasks on one platform, therefore, saving a lot of time and enhancing the productivity of the team.


Timelines are of utmost importance in construction projects, and it is the task of a project manager to estimate the overall time required to complete or deliver one. Cloud-based construction management software helps teams in drawing estimates, tracking the timeframe against the work that needs to be done, managing building budgets, specific tasks, or milestones reached. This gives a clear picture of how much time it will take for each task to be completed and figure out ways to save time and get work done.

Top Five cloud-based construction project management software:

1. BIM 360

BIM 360 construction project management software platform by Autodesk can be used by project managers and teams of any size. The software facilitates connecting your projects, organizing, and optimizing them on a single platform. It has great safety modules that help avoid accidents by capturing data from both negative and positive safety operations. BIM 360 has various collaborative tools that help project managers and their teams to connect on direct lines. The cloud-based project management software for construction also boasts of RFIs and submittals, quality control, construction site safety, constructability mode, document management, and construction drawings.

2. PlanStreet

PlanStreet works best for professional construction, service firms, contracting, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and all other types of organizations involved in project management. It is cloud-based project management software for construction and offers contracting professionals with all the features that are necessary for them to plan and schedule different phases of construction efficiently. Document sharing is an important part of this field, and construction managers do not have to worry about any data being lost. Moreover, PlanStreet is tailored to meet the specific needs of managers and the teams they manage. PlanStreet has a combination of functionality and features that aim at increasing team collaboration. This software has benefits such as smooth functionality, budget tracking, resource management, project tracking, issue identification, and document sharing.

3. Procore

Procore is cloud-based project management software for construction. It mainly focuses on creating strong communication lines and streamlining document sharing. This software can be used by teams of any size and aims at creating a collaborative platform for all project members to create, discuss, and edit project documents. It also helps project managers in identifying and solving issues with data visibility in real-time. Procore also has financial modules, contact directory, permission, contract management, data analytics, annual access agreement facilitating storage capability, quality and safety.

4. RedTeam

RedTeam aims at tackling different types of construction management processes. It is a cloud-based construction software and can be used by teams of any size. Construction managers can coordinate their teams online and keep projects on the right schedule, functionality, and performance monitoring. It tracks available project opportunities, keeps a record of all interactions with the client, and schedule reminders. RedTeam also has benefits such as order proposals, lien waiver tracking, and preliminary notices, cost plus construction billing, revenue recognition, and subcontractor credentials.

5. Oracle Aconex

Oracle is cloud-based project management software for construction that is best suited for medium to large construction projects. It provides solutions to construction professionals, including firm owners, and subcontractors. The software also facilitates collaboration and organization of projects. Construction projects can easily be optimized with Oracle Aconex, allowing team members to create project information, review it, and work on designs, contracts RFIs, reports, and drawings from anywhere, regardless of the time. It also has other features such as document management, BIM management, bid and tender, and quality and safety.


When it comes to a great construction project management software, there is no one size fits all theory. If you are planning to invest in cloud-based online project management software for construction, ensure that it is the best fit based on your objectives. By taking into consideration factors like your project requirements, team size, and timeframe, there is a higher chance that you pick the right software, thereby saving yourself a lot of money and time, while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.

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