What Makes Gojek Clone App Ideal For Your Multi-services Business in 2022?

Multi-services Business

Do you realize that by not creating a multi-service app, you are losing out on countless opportunities? You have thought about creating a local multi-service app, but you might not have been able to find the right resources to help you. Good news, Gojek Clone App!?

You can use this article to help you create a local, multi-service app. Furthermore, it ensures that, like Gojek, you will soon reap the rewards of success.

Although the on-demand service business model has always been successful, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for methods to increase its profitability. The founders of Gojek, Nadiem Makarim, Kevin Aluwi, and Michaelangelo Moran, have transformed the on-demand market, its business strategy, and its potential by incorporating multiple on-demand services into a single app.

Why Develop Gojek Clone App and No Other Super App?

Offers comfort and convenience

Customers like to use specialized services that are conveniently located. Therefore, users of the multi-service app can swipe and tap to place an order. Users do not need to download the app for each service, which is an intriguing aspect of multi-service applications. They don’t need to load up their cellphones with numerous apps because they can access every service in one place.

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Additionally, clients with an internet connection can quickly access the app from anywhere.

These advantages alone speak volumes about the success of multi-service app developments like Gojek.

It is build to answer modern days needs

As urbanisation progresses, customers are embracing the Uber-on-demand possibilities. Additionally, around 42% of the US population as a whole benefits from on-demand services. For instance, some use it to order takeout while others use it to make local service reservations like plumbing and power.

Generating bigger and better revenues

A multi-service app would cater to a wider market. As a result, it will assist you in producing greater revenues and profits than you had ever imagined. For instance, Gojek, a well-known multi-service app, has around 108 million app downloads and is valued at $11 billion.

Cost-effective Solution

You can have a single app serving many services rather than creating an on-demand hyper-local delivery app solution for each service. As a result, you can avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to design each particular application. As a result, you avoid having to maintain two or three codebases. Above all, you must concentrate and exclusively work on one codebase’s bug fixes.

Seamlessly manages your day to day operations

You can manage and maintain apps much more easily thanks to the dynamic dashboard. As a result, managing the sudden increase in demand for the application services will be straightforward for you.

It is a great marketing tool

Additionally, you have the opportunity to grow your company’s sales left and right, without any restrictions, with a created multi-service application. Additionally, the program acts as a marketing tool to boost the sales of goods and services.

The Cost Of Developing Gojek Clone App

The price of developing a multi-service app differs amongst app development companies. However, a rough estimate would be $20K, though this amount could change depending on things like

  • Integration of advanced features
  • Application functionality
  • Integration with third parties 
  • UI/UX design

Location of the app development business, overall hours worked maintenance, quality assurance, etc.

However, it would be great to talk about the project idea with your development partner and get a reliable app development cost.

Final Thoughts

Every on-demand app section should be shifted over to the multi-service app segment at this time.

However, our doors are wide open if you require any support or assistance with app development. Before providing you with a solution, we take a clever strategy and carefully consider many development criteria. We also maintain open lines of contact and fix things while staying within your budget.

Gojek Clone App development will be the next big thing, therefore now is the time to take advantage of the chance.


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