Gojek Clone App: Features That You Can?t Do Without

The Gojek Clone application is a marvel in itself. Particularly given the ongoing conditions, there is not really any uncertainty concerning the need of great importance as far as transportation and delivery services go. The globe is just coming out of the red haze that the Corona Virus plagued it with. This is why; it has become more important than ever to find solutions that offer digital means to secure services of any kind. The Gojek clone app is a multi service platform that is not restricted to safe transportation and delivery alone, but also extends to over 82 different types of services including on demand food delivery, on demand grocery delivery, on demand service providers for hire such as doctors, nurses, beauticians, electricians, on demand service provider bidding and online instant consultation with experts like lawyers, accountants and doctors.

For this reason the Gojek clone application has made its grounds of progress during these crucial times as we shed off the broken rubble of the CoVid 19 pandemic and progress towards a new normal of 2022. As an ever increasing number of individuals are becoming subject to ‘On Demand Delivery’ benefits, the Gojek Clone application is ending up an incredible friend in need for most organizations across the globe.

Having said that, it is critical to take note of the fact that any business can’t just run by making assessments. It is essential to completely see precisely how the application functions and what are the various perspectives related with it that might be expected to transform it into an outright achievement.

This is why; we have put together a blog post with inputs from experts around the world regarding the top features that you absolutely can?t do without when launching your own on demand Gojek clone app.


Nobody likes downloading many applications on their smart phones. In a period like today, where digital memory is money, and the cost of your PDA quite often relies upon the sort of memory back up it offers. Therefore, nobody needs to mess their handsets with a large group of various applications. Likewise, there is dependably a security danger approaching over individuals’ heads with regards to downloading new applications.

Another problem is that people are tired of promotions, misleading advertisements and substantially more with regards to making any new application a piece of their everyday utilization design. This is the reason, it is important that you can offer various services to your clients with the assistance of a solitary application. One download and there’s nothing more to it! All your client’s concerns ought to be catered for.


Generally, individuals expect a solitary application to require a solitary sign in. What we intend to say is that individuals expect to be that assuming they download one application, paying little mind to which administration that they use from it, they will just need to sign into it once.

Nonetheless, it can’t be farther away from reality. Applications, for example, the Gojek clone are very confounded. They are as a matter of fact an approaching together of different applications got into one. Therefore a portion of these cloned applications expect for different sign in endeavours even in a solitary application.

Consequently, if you genuinely need to have a fruitful application in the market that individuals are agreeable in utilizing, you should guarantee that your application requires a fast and simple sign in, as opposed to a convoluted numerous attempts. If your app has many in app downloads, they will soon get tired of it and leave your app in favour of your competitors.

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Seemingly, this is presumably the main component that you ought to search for while attempting to get your own application. Since you need to get the Gojek clone application doesn’t imply that you want every one of its 82 different services right from the day of the launch

Make sure that you procure an app that gives you the opportunity to hide any number of services as and when you like and then activate them when you believe the time is right. Also, ensure that this is a simple process for you so that you don?t have to hire a developer each time you need to do so. This step or feature should allow you to do so just by going to the admin panel of the application.


Not every person on the planet communicates in English. There are such countless various nations on the planet, each with their novel arrangement of dialects and so on. The application that you deal to your region?s individuals ought to be sufficient to have the option to offer your clients a language that they are most agreeable in utilizing.


Very much like dialects, money changes with country. For this reason it is basic that your application has the choice of coordinating the currency of the country that you are wanting to launch your application in.


As we?ve spoken about earlier, the pandemic has taught us a few critical things about life, one of them being that safety lies in hygiene and avoiding physical contact with people when not necessary. The instant online consultation feature allows your users to make sure that they can book appointments through the app and schedule them for instant video conferencing or for a later time. They can get in touch with experts and get their requirements met in the easiest way. Experts such as lawyers, doctors, accountants and tutors can be connected with directly through the app.


Everyone is looking for more bang for their buck. Everyone wants to make sure that they can avail the best of services at the lowest price in the market. This is where this feature becomes very useful. With the service provider bidding feature, the user of the app can go to it and post the job requirement on it. After this, the user can wait till different service providers bid for it. Once they do so, the user can choose to hire the service provider offering their services at the lowest possible cost.

The Gojek Clone App is the best online solution for multiple services in the market that is based on an application. Invest in it right now to be able to tap into its potential and make the most of the year 2022.

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