What It Takes To Create A Successful On-Demand Food Delivery App Clone?

John is a newbie entrepreneur, looking to invest in an On-Demand Food Delivery App.

However, John doesn?t know a where to start and how to Launch Mr. Delivery Clone. But, he is enthusiastic about this new business.

Well, it is not only John but many start-ups are attracted towards Building A Profitable Food Delivery Business. 

To start with, let?s go through some stats here:

The On-Demand Food Delivery Market reached $107.4 billion in 2020

Food delivery apps are gaining popularity swiftly and show no signs of slowing down. By 2024, the market is expected to increase and expand by $182.3 billion.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, on-demand food delivery services became increasingly popular. The food delivery industry has more than doubled as a result of the pandemic.

Let?s help John get to do the business. ? 

So, what John needs to do? Where shall he start?

John Has To Look For The Problems First

On-Demand Food Ordering Apps have alleviated a major problem in today’s world by allowing users to receive the food they want without having to waste time going out to eat, cooking it themselves, or leaving the comfort of their own home or office.

However, not all Meal Delivery Apps works fine. There are flaws that makes customer cringe. 

  • Delays in deliveries
  • Goofed-up the orders
  • Online payment methods not working seamlessly
  • The user-interface is too confusing to understand and more

When building Mr. Delivery App Clone, John has to look for these issues. Thus, ensuring that his app is clear of these problems to get immediate visibility.

What Kind Of Business Model To Have?

Commission is paid by the Restaurants/Eateries/Cafes when the user places the order using the food delivery app. The commission fee is set by the Admin and can be customized accordingly.

Some restaurants have their own delivery fleets or collaborate with another company to handle deliveries; most of the time, users pay more than the real delivery cost, resulting in an additional revenue stream.

The Admin will earn revenue from 3rd party ad banners, loyalty programs, etc. Running special promotions and showing it in particular locations targeting the users helps gain more customers. This can be achieved using features like, ?Location wise Banners?, ?Location-wise Push-notifications? and ?Free Delivery Promo Code for Specific Stores?.

The Best Part ? Key Features Of Mr. Delivery Clone App 

Now that John has done majority of the research work on its demographics and revenue models, the key thing remains is to have Latest Features.

Not choosing the same old, routine features and integrating new shall provide newness to the John?s App. 

People love to use those features that are beneficial, time saver and saves them few bucks. 

After discussing his business requirements with the representative, they provide him with the set of completely new features that are aimed to bring him business in a short time.

Let?s have a look at those features:

Re-assigning delivery driver for the store orders

The App owner/Admin will reassign the pending delivery order to another delivery driver in the following scenarios:

  • There are no delivery drivers in the vicinity for the pickup.
  • The delivery drivers are available but they turn down the requests
  • Even after verifying the order, the delivery drivers cancelled.

Restaurant menu multiple options

Allowing restaurant owners to customise their menu items by adding different toppings/options. A consumer, for example, is placing an order for pizza. He has the option of thin crusts, regular crusts, or cheese burst crusts. He adds a few of his favourites to the topping. This is how the price of pizza rises.

Advanced rating flow for food items and delivery drivers

Users can comment and rate the things they ordered as well as the delivery they received. Restaurants can use this feedback to improve their service.

Free delivery promo codes

The App owner will choose a Promo Code that offers “Free Delivery” from a list of alternatives for a specific store or all stores. Customers can use the code to get free shipping on their goods. The feature can be activated or deactivated as required.

Location-wise banners

When the Admin wants to target a specific location and people, he can set the Home Page Banner location-wise.

Restricting delivery driver?s fraud

When the Delivery Driver is visibly miles away from the Pick-Up site, this feature prevents him from clicking on the “Arrived” icon. Drivers have been known to identify their status as “Arrived” even when they are far from the Store Pickup Location in the past. With this feature, the App Owner can set the distance in metres before the “Arrived” icon for Delivery Drivers is turned off.

Location-wise specific promo codes

The app owner geo fences a particular area or locality and creates special promo codes specifically for its residents. This means no person from any other locality can avail themselves of the same promo code.

Search by name

The app facilitates and promotes quick and seamless searching. The customer can search the menu items that they are looking for, simply by entering its name. Our search bot will take care of the rest.

Voice guided instruction for delivery

Customers can now leave an audio message to inform the delivery driver of their location and provide additional instructions for the order’s delivery.

Kitchen images

As a result of the epidemic, we must adhere to stringent health and safety regulations. Restaurants can post photographs of their kitchen to the app to ensure their clients that everything is being done to maintain their safety a top concern.

Food status graphical depiction

It enables your customers to always know where their order stands and where it is at all times. It shows the steps of how an order is placed, confirmed, in the kitchen, on its way, and delivered.

Wrapping Up

If you enjoyed reading this blog and want to Build Customizable Mr. Delivery Clone App like John did, contact the App Development Company. The team has years of expertise and has worked with a wide range of international customers to understand what it takes to create a successful on-demand food delivery app clone. Once you’ve approved the app, the team will begin the White-labelling process, which will result in the app being ready to launch in the Play Store or App Store in 7 business days.

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