What is Dry Van Trucking? Things to Know About Dry Van Shipping

    Dry Van Trucking

    Dry Van Trucking is a highly popular and widely opted goods transportation services method used to carry huge loads of goods in a safe and secure manner. Due to its robustness, the dry van shipping method is used to carry goods to long-distance places.

    The dry van trailers are attached to semi-trucks and are used to ship large quantities of goods and are popular due to their ability to keep goods dry from rain, accidents, debris and other weather conditions. But these trucks don?t have a temperature control method and hence are used for carrying only non-perishable goods.

    Types of Dry Van Trailers

     Primarily there are two types of dry van trailers, the bigger one being a 53 feet long trailer which is the maximum length of any dry van trailer. It can carry up to 45,000 pounds in weight when fully loaded with goods. The smaller one are the 28-foot dry van carriers which can accommodate up to 22,500 pounds of freight making them more suitable for any kind of distance, while the bigger ones are the most ideal choice for long distances.

    Though dry van trailers can be made from various materials, the ones with galvanized steel, aluminium, hardwood or iron are the most preferred ones due to their ability to sustain rough weather conditions and conditions of crashes/accidents as well.

    When Dry Van Trucking Companies Use Dry Van?

    Most shippers use dry van trailers for both long and short distances. These trailers are capable of carrying loads of various types including non-perishable food items and heavy building materials to list a few. Below are some examples of goods carried on these powerful trucks.

    1. To move non-perishable goods, i.e. foods and drinks, clothing and textile items, electronics products, plastic materials, and construction materials.

    2. For shifting household goods including furniture, electronics items, etc.

    3. To export cars, motorbikes, mini-buses, tractors and other transportation and agro-based equipment.

    4. For the transportation of small machinery, and equipment required at construction sites.

    Understanding Challenges of Dry Van Shipping

    Dry van servicesallow companies to ship products of varied types in bulk while maintaining costs. However, there are a few challenges while you opt for this transportation medium.

    1.  Dry van trailers do not have a temperature insulation or control refrigerator making perishable goods not a suitable option for dry van carrier trucks.

    2. The floors used in most dry van trailers are vulnerable to moisture as they are made of hardwood. Due to this reason, not all types of goods could be transported as it can damage the walls and floor of the trailer.

    Why You Should Use Dry Van Transportation Services?

    No doubt dry van trailers are not suited to carry perishable goods but still a wide portion of businesses prefer this method due to various reasons. There are various advantages for companies availing Dry van transportation services.

    1. Versatile                                                          

    The dry van trucking is a preferred method for most industries whether it is the construction industry that relies on timely supply of goods or it is electronic items that require a dry environment.  Besides this, various other industries rely on this method for bulk deliveries.

    2. Protection

    Another reason why dry van carriers are preferred for transportation lies in its ability to stand all types of weather conditions. Hence weather conditions do not pose any effect on the goods and keep them dry. Moreover, the doors of the dry van are locked by advanced mechanisms making it protected from cargo theft.

    3. Affordability

    Most businesses prefer to use a dry van due to its affordability. For businesses that are sending stock materials in bulk, this method is the ideal choice. Under this, dry van trucking companies allow businesses to only book for a portion of the dry van making it an extremely affordable option.

    Are You Ready to Use Dry Van Services?

    No doubt dry vans are not the preferred choice for sending perishable items for a long-distance, still, it is the first choice for non-perishable items, including construction materials, clothing, equipment, etc. For businesses looking for a temperature-controlled carrier, they can choose a Refrigerated LTL shipment carrier which is very costly and is not suitable for other types of goods.

    At the end it is up to businesses, what products are they looking to use transportation services for? Dry Van has its own importance and is known for its versatility, reliability, robustness, and affordability.

    To learn more about the dry van and other modes of freight shipments, visit our website or order a free dry van freight assessment now.

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