COVID-19 to witness a boom in sanitation business post lockdown

    sanitation business franchise

    We are all aware that the country’s economic state has worsened since the lockdown; the businesses are shut and job opportunities are decreasing. After PM Modi’s speech on 12th May’20 about lockdown 4.0, people are expecting a slight growth in the market soon. It implies that once again, we might get to witness traffic and crowded areas.

    However, the ease in lockdown doesn’t dismiss the risk of the virus. Social distancing and sanitation still need to be practiced rigorously. From sanitizing our hands to places and even items coming in touch, sanitizing vehicles should not be missed. But in urban areas where people mostly depend on public transport for traveling to work, how can one look after their hygiene?

    Is there a way to guarantee safe travel?

    The studies show a 40% fall in the business of cab services due to the pandemic. As soon as the lockdown lifts, people will be obliged to take cabs and other modes of public transport. However, the hesitation among the public to take cab services will persist. Thus, it is seen that sanitation co-operation will be listed as top post-COVID business opportunities, not just for the company but also for the aggregators.

    Many technical and automobile companies have started working on vehicle sanitation systems for verification of car sanitation services. From the gatekeeper allowing the vehicle on the premises to the passengers, everyone is concerned about their safety against the virus. Wouldn?t it be great to serve people with sanitation services and user-friendly apps to avail such services and even verify sanitation in case of coming in contact with unknown vehicles?

    Impact of COVID-19 on the economy

    The COVID-19 crisis has immensely affected businesses all around the world. Be it corporate jobs, or SMEs; each sector has been struck by the disaster. One thing that everyone has realized from this crisis is the importance of sanitation. We cannot compromise on hygiene anymore, even if it’s about our belongings or spaces. It is crucial to keep our things and area sanitized including vehicles.

    The crisis might have pulled down major industries but has grown opportunities for sanitation services. Numerous trustable organizations are providing vehicle sanitation services. To make it easier for business owners, the opportunity to own a sanitation business franchise is now open. It will not just help in keeping ourselves safe but also increase post-COVID business opportunities and employment rates along with keeping everyone safe.

    More About The Sanitation Business Franchise

    There are many vehicle servicing companies providing vehicle sanitation to provide safety against COVID-19. KMV Auto Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading companies providing advanced vehicle sanitation services. They have created an app that helps to verify when was the last time the vehicle was sanitized. People can easily make use of it to check the vehicles entering the premises or while booking a cab. The app will verify that every vehicle entering inside is 100% sanitized.

    The records and details will be proof enough to have a safe ride, indeed.

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