7 Actions That Can Get Your Account Banned On Instagram And 4 Ways To Recover The Account

Imagine the following situation: you have created an account on Instagram and by investing a lot of time and effort, you have finally created an account that has slowly and steadily started becoming popular. But all of sudden you find out that Instagram has completely banned your account and you have absolutely zero access to your account.

You will be quite devastated, right?

Instagram has one of the largest user bases around the globe and with every update that this social giant rolls out, it has been constantly tightening the loops blocking every spammer, fake accounts and sometimes even those accounts which have unintentionally violated the rules laid by Instagram. And sadly, Instagram does not even publish a warning beforehand. 

Therefore, if you are someone who wants to grow their Instagram account and is also curious to know what are the causes that can potentially lead to a ban on your account, then we advise you to continue reading the article then. 

Also, read the article till the end as we roll out some quick fixes that can help you to fix the banned Instagram account too. 

What do we mean when we say that an ?account got banned on Instagram??

Well, getting banned on Instagram is self-explanatory, however, there are three different types of bans on Instagram and different types of action leads to a different type of Instagram blocks

  1. Action blocks: this ban occurs when you have performed certain actions too quickly like liking, following or unfollowing users. The user then usually receives a message notifying them their action has been restricted.
  2. Shadow bans: posting too frequently or using tags that have been banned on Instagram usually leads the account to shadowban your account. In this condition, the user is still able to perform actions on Instagram but their posts will not be available in the tags they have used.
  3. Complete ban: this action takes place when you continuously receive action blocks or your account has intentionally or unintentionally violated Instagram?s terms and services. This action usually results in account deletion and the social platform can even ban the username so that they are not able to recreate the account. In some extreme cases, Instagram can even restrict the IP address from accessing the Instagram website and app altogether. 

How can an account get banned on Instagram?

  1. One of the potential causes of getting banned on Instagram is by buying several fake likes and followers in one go. This generally happens when an account uses third-party promotion tools to boost its account growth. Also, buying fake followers can not only get you banned on Instagram but it can also kill the growth of a brand.?
  2. Instagram generally does not allow an account to take more than 1440 actions in a day and therefore if an account exceeds that limit, this can lead the account to get temporarily blocked.??
  3. Instagram monitors the algorithm of publications from an account and therefore excessive frequent publications lead to the banning of the Instagram account. One should always pause between posting as that will prevent your account from being suspected of spamming or other manipulation.?
  4. Copyright issues are considered a big deal on Instagram. Images and videos posted on your account should be entirely yours. If you share someone else?s work, make sure that you are giving them proper credit. Ignoring copyright rules can lead the original owner of the works to report against your account and your account would then get banned due to complaints.
  5. Sharing photos and videos which violate the social network rules can get an account banned. Accounts featuring content that involves sexual content or any form of violence are considered inappropriate by Instagram guidelines.
  6. User complaints also play an important role in getting an account blocked. For example, if several people report against a particular account, then Instagram will sooner or later block the profile.
  7. If a user logs into one account from multiple devices and confirms it via SMS, then Instagram is likely to block the user as the social network due to the presence of different IP addresses may believe that your account has been hacked.

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How to fix banned Instagram account issues?

Now that we know what are the potential causes that can lead to an account getting blocked on Instagram, let us now look at some of the measures that can effectively help you to get unblocked on Instagram.

  • To recover disabled account
  1. Open your Instagram login page and click on the get help signing in option.
  2. Now enter your username on the page that follows
  3. Next, Instagram will email you with a recovery code and carefully follow all the instructions mentioned in the mail.
  4. Then, Instagram will send you a link that will help you to reset your password.
  • To get unblocked on Instagram
  1. Formally request Instagram to lift your ban. Report your case to Instagram by clicking on the report us or report button.


  1. Sometimes, giving some rest to your Instagram account can do all the trick. Try login into your account after 24 hours of the ban. Instagram has especially created a help page for disabled users and visiting this page can also help you to understand what initially caused the ban. 


  1. And finally, you can write to Instagram. Write an email to Instagram [email protected] explaining your concerns and wait patiently for their answer. Instagram is considered to have the best support team, therefore, your problem would be looked into effectively. 

Now there you go, everything you need to know on what could potentially cause a ban of your account on Instagram and all the effective measures that can help you to recover the account too.

Instagram follows some strict rules when it comes to adhering to its specified terms and conditions and therefore, next when you are on the platform, your account does not ignore the community guidelines.